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                               Cambria puts a new custom                                                                               NAILEDIT
                               publication on the table                                                                                Eric Harber, president and
                               By Lauren Bell
                                                                                                                                       COO of HipCricket, discusses
                               : Cambria, a producer of natural quartz                                                                 how Jiffy Lube added mobile
DS                             countertops, has launched its first custom                                                               coupons to its radio ads on
                               publication, Cambria Style, as part of a new
y    Year-over-year
                               push for consumer engagement.
                                                                                                                                       KCCQ, a radio station in Ames,
     percent change
                                  The glossy magazine will be sent to                                                                  IA, to increase engagement
                               18,000 Cambria customers in the brand’s
%          -5%                 best-served geographic regions, which
%           8%                 include Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto,                                                                  Q: What was Jiffy Lube’s goal with this       Q: How did it work?
%         20%                  Charlotte and Wisconsin, among others.                                                                  mobile campaign?
2009; Jan. 31, 2009;              Cambria customers tend to be high-                                                                                                                 A: KCCQ did 15-second spots giving the
rnet users.                    income baby boomers — exemplified by                                                                    A: The objective was to acquire new           listeners the chance to win free oil chang-
                               spokeswoman and first cover model Cheryl                                                                 customers and trace their activity            es for a year. Each listener who entered
                               Tiegs — and buyers are split evenly between                                                             through trackable mobile coupons.             the contest received a coupon via text
                               men and women.                                                                                                                                        message that included discounts on oil
                                  The magazine also is being mailed to                                                                 Q: Why was mobile the ideal channel?          changes, wiper blade, tires rotations and
                               Cambria fabricators and installers, as well                                                                                                           filters, and the like.
                               as to the brand’s 5,000 retail partners. Addi-                                                          A: The interactivity that mobile brings
                               tional copies from the first run of 75,000                                                               to traditional media and measurability        Q: What was the response?
                               are available for free to anyone who signs       The first Cambria Style features model Cheryl Tiegs     was a big factor. Mobile has the ability to
                               up on the company Web site.                                                                             take those two things and create clear        A: Jiffy Lube was able to generate many
                                  “Cambria is a family-run company that         next month, and the company hopes to                   ROI. Jiffy Lube was looking to increase       new customers. In fact, 50% of people that
                               really values and hangs its laurels on its       eventually create a robust social network              this ROI and also to create a database        redeemed the mobile coupon were entirely
                               relationships with our business partners         of Cambria owners and sellers. Kath also               for future offers for its consumers. At       new customers. It was ecstatic about the
                               and consumers,” explained Summer Kath,           noted that the custom magazine is not only             the end of the day, it wanted to be left      results because it was looking to increase
                               director of marketing for Cambria. “We           a first for Cambria, but also the countertop            with a database to which it could re-         sales and to build this database for ongoing
                               really wanted to produce something that          surface industry.                                      engage and remarket in a direct fashion.      interaction with prospects.
                               had value for partners and consumers and            Touchpoint Media, a custom publishing               Additionally, because the database is
                               would further connect us to them, and [cus-      company based in New York, is responsible              fully permission-based, it is basically       Q: What does Jiffy Lube plan to do with
                               tom publishing] really was the vehicle for       for producing Cambria Style. The magazine              someone raising their hand and say-           this new database?
                               us to do that.                                   will be mailed three times a year, and the             ing, “I would be willing to engage with
                                  “We’re not just producing stories about       second issue will be used to introduce new             Jiffy Lube under these terms.” So you         A: It is going to use this as an opportunity
                               the product but also about our partners and      products to consumers.                                 have someone that is highly interested,       to re-engage these people and continue to
                               consumers,” she added. “We want to get it           To drive consumers to the first issue,              highly qualified.                              provide offers of interest and value to that
                               out there and create this community. We          Cambria sent out e-blasts to its purchasing                                                          consumer base.
                               call it ‘Cambria Style’ because we want it       base of about 40,000 consumers.                        Q: Why did they tie mobile to radio?
                               to be about the lifestyle of the person that        The Cambria homepage also promotes                                                               Q: What are the key takeaways from
                               would have Cambria in her home.”                 the publication. The goal is to double circu-          A: KCCQ proposed a mobile exten- this campaign?
                                  Cambria Style is the first offering in a      lation to 150,000 for the next issue. Even-            sion to Jiffy Lube’s radio schedule
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