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					                                                                                                                        Disney’s new membership pro-
: Beleaguered by declining reader-                                                                                   gram, dubbed D23, is the first offi-
ships and the exodus of advertis-                                                                                    cial community for Disney fans,
ers, media companies have begun                                                                                      according to a statement from
furiously experimenting with new                                                                                     the company. The name D23 is
strategies they hope will help them                                                                                  a reference to 1923, the year in          : As privacy groups continue to
retain their relevance, including                                                                                    which Walt Disney opened his              seek behavioral targeting regula-
personalized newspapers and                                                                                          Hollywood studio.                         tions, Google has introduced its
online migration.                                                                                                       A one-year, $74.99 membership          own version of behavioral targeting
  These companies also have re-                                                                                      to D23 includes a subscription to a       advertising that serves ads based on
energized interest in robust CRM                                                                                     new quarterly publication, Twenty-        consumers’ online activities.
programs, like the one Disney                                                                                        three, offers to attend special events       Google is launching the service
launched last week.                                                                                                  and purchase exclusive merchan-           in beta on YouTube and partner
  Most newspaper and magazine                                                                                        dise, access to exclusive online          sites. Ads will pull from categories
companies already have some sort                                                                                     content and a membership certifi-         based on the types of sites a con-
of subscription marketing program                                                                                     cate and card. “Clearly, Disney is       sumer visits.
that involves following customer                                                                                      trying to put a lot more structure          “By making ads more relevant,
behavior in order to drive renew-                                                                                     into its communication flow [with        and improving the connection
als. In addition, many entertain-                                                                                     loyal fans],” said Rosen.                between advertisers and our
ment companies have one-off             “Newspapers, magazines and         sense of engagement. That then               In contrast to a lack of any con-      users, we can create more value for
loyalty programs for individual       media companies in general have      becomes a marketing platform as           solidated message from Disney to          everyone,” said Susan Wojcicki,
properties.                           to start thinking about what con-    opposed to an advertising plat-           its fans previously, he continued,        VP of product management at
  What’s new in this space is         tent they reserve and what they      form, which is what media com-            the new program provides a clear          Google, in a blog post.
that many – because of declining      don’t,” said David Rosen, SVP at     panies have now.”                         benefit to consumers — through               For its part, the online adver-
readerships and revenues – are        San Francisco-based Loyalty Lab,       A marketing platform, he contin-        it, they can engage in an ongo-           tising industry is welcoming the
reviewing all of the content that     a provider of on-demand customer     ued, will enable media companies          ing relationship with the popular         new platform. “Behavioral target-
they own and trying to figure out     loyalty technology. “By asking       to help put advertisers in contact        entertainment company.                    ing itself is not new, but it is very
how to package it in a way that       people to sign up for digital con-   with the right consumers at the right        “Here’s a case where a media           interesting because there is still
will provide the most value to        tent, for example, and to be part    time, something for which many            company is taking a lesson from           a lot of non-targeted inventory
loyal customers.                      of the brand, it create
Description: For its part, the online advertising industry is welcoming the new platform. "Behavioral targeting itself is not new, but it is very interesting because there is still a lot of non-targeted inventory out there," said Scott Symonds, executive director, AKQA Media, search & analytics. "I agree with the [Google] perspective, which is that anything making the advertising relevant through this technology is good for the consumer and...
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