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                           A Day in the Life                               SalarySnapshot: Social Services
                           Reduce, reuse and recycle                                                            Director
                           The folks at Sarah Neuman Center in Mama-
                           roneck, NY, can thank Al Gore—in part—
                           for the skilled nursing facility’s new sense
                           of environmentalism.
                              After seeing Gore’s film “An Inconvenient
                           Truth” two years ago, Greg Poole-Dayan,
                           the center’s director of nursing, spearheaded
a “green” push to make employees more conscious of the resources
they use. Their actions have resulted in significant reductions in the
consumption of paper, utilities, and gas and diesel for transport vans.
Employees’ behavior also has noticeably changed, says Poole-Dayan,
also an assistant administrator. Employees now react when documents
are not printed on double-sided paper, and hide their bottled water
at meetings (pitchers only, please).
   The focus has been to change the culture so people feel “envi-
ronmentally responsible all the time, so that it becomes a part of
everybody’s functioning and habits,” he says.
   One inaugural event last fall called “Leave Your Car At Home Day”       Median salaries (all facilities)
                                                                                                                          Source: 2008-2009 AAHSA
really got people moving. More than 40 employees opted to carpool,         Region     SalaRy($)    R
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