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                                                 CAST adds new interaction
                                                 to major technology study
» Providers who haven’t yet made
accommodations for the soon-to-arrive all
digital television service received a reprieve
at press time. Congress voted to delay the
nation’s transition to digital TV by four        By John O’Connor
months to June 12. The change applies            The Center for Aging Services
only to those communities that receive           Technologies (CAST) has
over-the-air TV signals. Operators with          released an interactive version
satellite and cable TV will not be affected.     of the “State of Technology in
                                                 Aging Services Report” it show-
» Economic stimulus legislation                                                      A CAST document examines existing technology categories for seniors.
                                                 cased during the recent Inter-
passed by Congress now includes informa-         national Consumer Electronics       son is potentially unsafe (e.g.     person's cognitive abilities.
tion technology funding for long-term care       Show in Las Vegas.                  has fallen, did not get out of          In addition, the report
facilities and nursing homes. Sen. Herb             The report can be found          his or her chair or didn’t turn     offers interviews with various
Kohl (D-WI) successfully amended the             online at        off the stove).                     researchers.
pending measure. Original language in the        This latest document examines          • Health technologies that           Their collective view is that
Senate version of the stimulus package did       existing technology categories      monitor blood pressure, respi-      factors ranging from intercon-
not include nursing facilities, long-term        for seniors, as well as new tools   ration and other conditions in      nectivity between different sys-
care facilities, skilled nursing facilities or   now being developed.                real-time while the person is at    tems to usability, affordability
home health entities in its definition of           The study also highlights        home. This reduces the need         and the availability of technical
“health care provider.”                          steps various firms are taking to   for doctor's visits and notifies    support and training will deter-
                                                 serve seniors. For example, the     caregivers immediately of sig-      mine how fast these technolo-
» Quinnipiac University researchers              updated report includes links       nificant changes.                   gies will grow.
will attempt to determine whether seniors        to the numerous corporations,          • Medication dispensers              CAST is an affiliate of the
monitored by wireless sensors can remain         universities, and aging-services    that provide medicines at the       American Association of Homes
independent longer. The study will be con-       providers that are involved in      appropriate time and remind         and Services for the Aging. The
ducted at the Masonicare healthcare and          seniors-related tools.              a person to take them.              organization participated for the
retirement community in Wallingford, CT.            The types of technology             • Computer games that pro­       first time this year in the Interna-
                                                 examined include:                   vide social networking, promote     tional CES. It is considered the
» The Department of Health and                      • Sensors that can detect        brain stimulation, and even use     world’s largest trade show for
Human Services released the long-awaited         and notify a caregiver if a per-    diagnostic games to monitor a       consumer electronics. n
ICD-10 code set and set a new compliance
date of Oct. 1, 2013. The later date gives
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