; The one that got away: rate protections
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The one that got away: rate protections


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									 NEWS | Payment & Policy

                   The Payment Expert
                                                 ‘Silver Alert’ bill receives the
                   Patricia Boyer,
                   MSM, NHA, RN
                   Boyer & Associates, LLC
                                                 green light from House again
                                                 By James M. Berklan                                                                                       develop and maintain Silver
 Can you tell me how to calculate my             The U.S. House of Representa-                                                                             Alert programs.
 staffing to make sure I meet the                 tives spent little time approv-                                                                              “When it comes to the safety
 “Five-Star” nursing home rating                 ing a bill that would create a                                                                            of missing seniors, there is no

                                                                                                                         Photo: Office of the Congressman
 system objectives?                              national notification system for                                                                           silver bullet, but one meaning-
                                                 seniors who go missing. The                                                                               ful way of helping is through
 The Centers for Medicare & Medic-               “National Silver Alert Act”                                                                               the National Silver Alert,” said
 aid Services “Five-Star” program is             (H.R. 632) passed by voice                                                                                Doggett, a senior member of
 complex and somewhat difficult to                vote in early February.                                                                                   the House Ways and Means
 understand. According to the technical             The passage was quickly                                                                                Committee. “What's missing
 instructions from CMS, the staffing rat-         hailed by provider advocates,     Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) intro-                                        from current efforts is suffi-
 ing is based on two case-mix adjusted           i ncludi ng t he A merica n       duced the latest Silver Alert bill.                                     cient federal support—this bill
 measures: total nursing hours and               Health Care Association/                                                                                  closes that gap.”
 registered-nurse hours per resident             National Center for Assisted      broadcast information about                                                The House passed a Sil-
 day. The data used is the data that you         Living and the Assisted Liv-      the missing person.                                                     ver Alert bill in the previous
 provide to the surveyors during your            ing Federation of America.          The measure, which was                                                Congress, but the Senate never
 annual survey.                                     Silver Alert would be a        proposed by Rep. Lloyd                                                  acted on a similar proposal,
     The case-mix is based on the RUGs           public notification system        Doggett (D-TX), also would                                              thereby killing it.
 III case mix system, which originated           modeled after the Amber           create the position of Silver                                              About 60% of the 5 million
 from the time studies completed by              A ler t sy ste m i nvolv i n g    Alert Coordinator, which                                                Americans currently diagnosed
 CMS in 1995 and 1997. We anticipate             missing children. It would        would be housed within the                                              with Alzheimer'
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