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                                                       Racial factors affect use of
                   Sherrie Dornberger, RNC,
                   CDONA, FACDONA
                   President, NADONA                   end-of-life care, study finds
                                                       By Brett Bakshis                                                                            enroll in hospice, and 17% were
 I am a new charge nurse and don’t                     Providers offering end-of-life                                                              more likely to be hospitalized,
 understand the way the state scored                   care may need to investigate                                                                according to the research.
 our deficiencies. Can you give me a                    residents’ personal and cul-                                                                   Researchers note many
 Web site I can check to better under-                 tural preferences more closely,                                                             recent studies have found black
 stand how this was done?                              new study results suggest.                                                                  patients to be less open to hos-
                                                          Racial disparities still exist                                                           pice care than white patients,
 Your facility should have a copy of your              when it comes to end-of-life                                                                though little is known about

                                                                                                                              Photo: iStockphoto
 state regulations available. Ask your                 care, according to a new study                                                              Asian patients’ preferences.
 director of nursing for this. You also                that finds black and Asian                                                                  Discovering the root of the
 should consult the Centers for Medi-                  patients are less likely than                                                               differences, whether personal
 care & Medicaid Services Web site,                    whites and Hispanics to be          Caregivers must realize that                            preference, unequal access to                       enrolled in a hospice program       certain races are more open to                          end-of-life treatments or both,
                                                                                           hospice care than others.
 Complianc/Downloads/SFFSCORING                        in the final months of life.                                                                 will hopefully lead to improved
 METHODOLOGY.pdf.                                         Of the roughly 41,000 termi-     program than white patients.                            end-of-life care for all patients,
     It is quite vast but will answer almost           nal cancer patients examined        Also, 26% were more likely                              researchers say.
 any question you have on scoring,                     for the Beth Israel Deaconess       than whites to be hospitalized                             This study results appeared
 scope or severity, along with the scope               Medical Center study, black         two or more times in the last                           in the January 2009 issue of the
 and severity grid.                                    patients were 9% less likely        month of life. Likewise, Asian                          Journal of the American Geriat-
     The scoring methodology for the                   to be enrolled in a hospice         patients were 24% less likely to                        rics Society. ■
 Special Focus Facility (SFF) comprises
 two scores: the deficiency score and
 the revisit score. Results from the most
 recent surveys are weighted more                      Dementia risk higher for young diabetics
 heavily than results from earlier surveys.
 The SFF selection methodology can be                  By James M. Berklan                 Twins. Her study found that,                          
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