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       Exercise                                First psoriatic arthritis guidelines
       Rx boosts                               THE FIRST set of international
                                               treatment guidelines for psoriatic
       activity                                arthritis address the five most sig-
                                               nificant clinical manifestations of
       IF YOU want to encourage your           this chronic systemic inflamma-
       patients to exercise more, try          tory disorder, which afflicts ap-
       writing a prescription.The tactic       proximately 10%-30% of people
       has been successful in New              with psoriasis.
       Zealand,a recent study reports.            The Group for Research and              Swollen joints          multiple different tissues, and
         As part of a “green prescription”     Assessment of Psoriasis and Pso-           and yellow nails        varying degrees of severity (Ann
       program, clinicians counsel pa-         riatic Arthritis (GRAPPA) has              are commonly            Rheum Dis.2008;published online
       tients for 7-13 minutes,then write      introduced 19 treatment recom-             seen in patients        ahead of print). Psoriatic arthritis
       their exercise advice on a green        mendations for peripheral arthri-          with psoriatic          manifestations can range from
       script.The prescription is given to     tis,enthesitis (inflammation of the        arthritis.              mild psoriasis to widespread pso-
       the patient and faxed to a local “ex-   entheses, where tendons and liga-                                  riatic plaques, disfiguring nail
       ercise facilitator” who follows up      ments attach to bone), axial dis-                                  disease to disabling joint inflam-
       with three monthly phone calls.         ease, skin and nail psoriasis, and                                 mation and destruction, and in-
         For this study, 1,089 women           dactylitis (uniform swelling of a                                  creased mortality.
       aged 40-74 years were equally di-       digit) in the setting of psoriatic                                   To address these complexities,
       vided into two groups. In one           arthritis.                                                         GRAPPA formulated evidence-
       group, follow-up was extended to           This international consortium                                   based treatment recommendations
       nine months,including an average        of medical professionals and pa-                                   for the five clinical manifestations
       of five 15-minute calls and a 30-       tient representatives notes that al-                               based on literature reviews and
       minute in-office consultation after     though advances in the treatment                                   
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