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									                    INTEGRATED SYSTEMS                        By Natalia Kosk

            Power                                       The

     Equation and PoE
             New day dawning—and it’s all good

     M                any in the security industry are waiting
                      with baited breath to hear what really
                      is developing with the new Power
                      over Ethernet (PoE) Plus Standard,
                      slated for ratification sometime in
      2009 (although some hint that date may change).
      Others express little concern as to when the PoE Plus
      Standard will be available but instead choose to focus
                                                                  Altronix, Brooklyn, N.Y. “We want to be there when
                                                                  it [PoE] is small so that we have time to help develop
                                                                  the products. And when PoE really does take off, we’re
                                                                  going to be ready for it.”
                                                                     Some even speculate that it won’t stop there--that
                                                                  there will be a standard that offers even more power
                                                                  beyond that of PoE Plus. Increasing technological
                                                                  developments including card readers and door keypads,
      on its benefits and how to leverage the technology for      temperature and pressure sensors that are IP equipped
      their users. Some believe there is a debate raging over     and driven from a PoE connection will become more
      PoE and others still are creating their own standards       present into 2010, according to Bob Martin, manager
      instead of abiding by the one that already exists. Still,   of Marketing and Business Development, EtherWAN
      there are others who do think PoE is pretty black           Systems, Anaheim, Calif.
      and white—that the technology that allows users to
      leverage the existing network and now, accomplish           What causes the misconception?
      more functions than ever, PTZ for cameras, etc. says it       There is no denying that PoE is crucial—you
      all. We’ve gone straight to the experts on this topic to    need power for video on the network. Yet, it is not
      give you the answers you need to know.                      uncommon for the majority of manufacturers or PoE
                                                                  product developers to forgo the general standards
      Is there something beyond PoE Plus?                         when it comes to PoE. For many in the industry right
        Power over Ethernet, defined by the Institute of          now, this just adds to the confusion, causing many to
      Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as standard     misunderstand what benefits the technology offers as
      802.3af has been around since about 2003. Most              well as all the application possibilities.
      recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the industry        According to Paul Koebbe, strategic sales executive-
      about the new PoE Plus Standard, which is supposed          Security, Henkels & McCoy (H&M) Networks, Maryland
      to provide up to 30 watts more power to each network        Heig
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