Spotlight: Attachments by ProQuest


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									               Spotlight:                               Attachments are helpful work site tools that allow
               Attachments                              you to stretch the capabilities of a host machine.

               JRB VersaLoc Excavator                           Portable Concrete Conveyor                     • Concrete slipform curb and gutter
               Quick Coupler                                    • Designed to attach to any front-end            attachment
               • Handles hook widths from 9.75 to 17.18 in.       wheel loader with a 2.5-cu.-yd. capacity     • Automatic control of grade and steering
               • Accommodate pin diameters from                   and larger                                     using sensors and stringline
                 60 to 110mm                                    • Operated from inside the cab of the
                                                                                                               • Hydraulic vibrators and cylinders
               • Enable attachment change out in                  machine using the hydraulic controls           powered by skid steer hydraulic system
                 seconds without leaving the cab                  and the power of the wheel loader
                                                                                                               • Easily transported via pickup or trailer
                                                                • Shown to place up to 300 cu. yds. of
               • Pilot-operated check valve assures
                                                                  concrete per hour to the road grade          Creative Equipment Design
                 the cylinder is locked in the case of
                                                                  using dump trucks hauling 11 cu. yds.        Indicate 23 on card
                 hydraulic pressure loss
                                                                  per load
               Paladin Heavy Construction
                                                                E2 Systems, LLC
               Indicate 21 on card
                                                                Indicate 22 on card

                                              HB1180 Hydraulic Breaker
                                              • 750-ft.-lb. impact energy class
                                              • Auto power feature serves as an automatic pressure
                                                regulator, plus limits excessive pressure at startup
                                              • Energy chamber diaphragm ensures constant nitrogen
                                                pressure with no periodic recharging required                  EDGE Concrete Placing Bucket
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