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In a "where", "when" and "why" format, the simple one -page flyer elaborates on how porous asphalt systems temporarily store runoff and eliminate the need for retention basins. Plus, the flyer directs readers to [Grimes]' website, which features a video clip of porous asphalt in action (

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How to market
                          e started get-    model worked well for them, so               Cahill has reported no failures on
                          ting      calls   it can work well for other asphalt       pavements for which proper design
                          about porous      contractors. It’s a good idea to start   and construction procedures were
                          asphalt pave-     by building a successful project or      followed, according to Kent Han-
                          ments,” recalls   two. Then you have a demonstration       sen, P.E., Director of Engineering,
Dave Vogt, a Bend, OR-based con-            project to showcase to others. Word      National Asphalt Pavement Associa-
tractor. “So in 2008 we decided to          spreads, you make some presenta-         tion (NAPA).
take the lead in central Oregon and         tions, engineers and environmental           Porous asphalt pavements are
show this market how porous asphalt         authorities like what they hear, and     designed for dual duty. They provide
could solve the stormwater manage-          you’re up and running.                   pavements for parking and roads
ment problems we’re facing.”                   “The best promotional tool for        and serve as stormwater storage and
   Vogt succeeded. Last year his firm,      porous asphalt is the product itself,”   infiltration systems.
Hooker Creek Companies, placed              says Jim Huddleston, executive direc-        What’s more, the demand for
two test sections of porous asphalt         tor of the Asphalt Pavement Associa-     porous asphalt pavements is grow-
pavement. They handle stormwater            tion of Oregon.                          ing because they offer site planners
well, so Hooker Creek upped the                                                      and public works officials the oppor-
ante by constructing the first full-        How it works                             tunity to manage stormwater in an
size porous asphalt parking lot in             Porous asphalt pavement is not        environmentally friendly way, says
that part of the state at the firm’s new    new, but it’s new to many asphalt        Hansen.
equipment rental store in Redmond.          contractors. Asphalt has a success-          From the bottom up, the standard
   Today, the firm gets calls to pres-      ful track record of porous pavements     porous pavement structure consists
ent the technology to various forums        dating back to the late 1970s. Cahill    of:
of contractors and engineers. With          Associates, an engineering firm, has         • An uncompacted subgrade to
that, porous asphalt is a new market        been involved in the design and con-     maximize the infiltration rate of the
for Hooker Creek.                           struction of more than 200 porous        soil.
   Just as Hooker Creek’s business          asphalt pavements since the 1980s.           • A geotextile fabric that allows

24   asphalt contractor • April/May 2009

                                                                                 and they wanted to be environmen-
                                                                                 tally friendly. So we assisted with the
                                                                                 design and construction of the park-
                                                                                 ing facility. Then we put up a sign
                                                                                 at Luther Park that graphically illus-
                                                                                 trates how porous pavement works.”
                                                                                     Other Grimes customers are the
                                                                                 Polk County Conservation Board, a
                                                                                 high school, the Central Iowa Expo
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