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									                                                                                            NEWS IN BRIEF

to provide the services concerned.
Careport will begin operations with the
                                                  Lift UP
                                                             with CJR
start of the 2009-10 winter schedules,
and will offer its services — on behalf
of Zurich Airport — to all involved

People in the News
■ Swissport International has appoint-          • Serves both commercial & military applications
ed Toshihiro Kyuki as new CEO effec-
tive April 1. He succeeded Shigeru              • Provides many years of long & dependable service
Ohashi, who has moved to a new
position within Marubeni, a Swissport
joint-venture partner.
                                                • Lifts 1,000 to 8,300 pounds at any height,
                                                  depending on the model
■ Sigal Mannheim Katzovich has been

appointed CEO of Swissport Cargo
Services in Tel Aviv. She assumed
her new duties March 1. Mannheim
succeeded Amnon Abraham, who has
moved to a new senior position within
the Swissport Group.

■ SW Microtec AG, a supplier of RFID
components, has appointed Dr. Heiko
Färber as new chief financial officer
(CFO), to play an influential role in driving
the company’s ongoing growth trends.

■ Swissp
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