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									it simple and clear, and of course       It all turned out well, thankfully.     Patrick had a difficult first night in
honest. This is exactly what I did       Patrick’s is one of those cases         the hospital. He needed aggres-
with Patrick’s dad. I told him that      where it helps to be the old guy on     sive respiratory therapy, lots of
his son’s lung disease could eas-        the service. After all these years      suctioning and close monitoring.
ily deteriorate and he and his wife      there are very few parent inter-        But we were able to avoid putting
would not be able to handle this         actions that we have not experi-        him on a ventilator, and when he
at home. I described to him how          enced, and it is from those years of    was finally comfortable enough to
Patrick’s secretions were so thick       experience that the right combina-      breathe and eat at the same time,
and copious that he risked com-          tion of caring and understanding        his parents were relieved. And so
pletely obstructing his airways.         has been established. Still, this       were we. We had made a believer
This, I emphasized, he did not           is one aspect of caring for kids in     out of yet another doubter!
want to have happen at home. I           hospitals that is so stressful and,
didn’t try to scare him, or to intimi-   in fact, often leads to “burn-out.”     John E. Monaco, MD, is board
date him. The truth, it turned out,      For every parent we see, having         certified in both pediatrics and
was sobering enough. The next            his child admitted to the hospital      pediatric critical care. His latest
day Patrick’s dad thanked me for         is one of the worse things that has     book, Moondance to Eternity, is
my honesty and after seeing how          ever happened to him. For us it is      now available. He lives and works
much care our nurses gave his            all in a day’s work. The challenge is   in Tampa, Florida. He welcomes
child through the night, admitted        to have our emotions meet his on        your comments, suggestions, and
that there was no way he could           some common ground of compro-           thoughts on his observations.
have handled all that at home.           mise that leads to good care.

Breastfeeding Lessens Child                                  Allergies and C-Section
Abuse                                                        Sometimes a study that shows no relationship be-
                                                             tween two events is as useful as one where there is.
The benefits of breastfeeding are well known. Here’s         Here’s an example.
another one—less child maltreatment. This finding is
from an Australian study of 6,621 mother-child pairs         Doctors are searching for a reason for the increase in
that were followed for over 15 years. The researchers        the number of children with food allergies. One sug-
analyzed the risk of child maltreatment (neglect and         gestion is the increased number of children delivered
physical and emotional abuse) and the length the            
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