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									 Pediatrics for Parents is pub-
 lished monthly by Pediatrics        Parental Alcohol Screening
 for Parents, Inc.
                                     When children go to their doc-         (scoring above the cut-off point
 Richard J. Sagall, MD, Editor       tors’ offices, they’re the ones who    on either or both of the screening
 (richsagall@pedsforparents.         are supposed to be screened and        tests). Not surprisingly, more alco-
 com)                                checked for medical conditions,        hol-negative parents (91%) were
 Vikki Sloviter, Assistant Edi-      not their parents, right? Well, a      willing to be asked about their
 tor                                 recent study that was published in     alcohol use than alcohol-positive
 (          Pediatrics evaluated the incidence     parents (77%), and more women
                                     of alcohol use among parents who       agreed to be screened than men
 Editorial, business, subscrip-      brought in their children to the       (90.4% compared to 84.5%).
 tion and advertising office:        doctors’ offices.
 Pediatrics for Parents                                                     When asked about their preferred
 PO Box 219                          Following the American Academy         screening methods, both alcohol-
 Gloucester, MA 01931                of Pediatrics’ (AAP) suggestion        positive and alcohol-negative re-             and guidelines for screening for       spondents preferred pediatricians
                                     parental alcohol abuse during          over computers or pencil/paper
 Phone: 215-253-4543                 pediatric primary care visits, the     methods. And, among alcohol-
 Fax: 973-302-8187                   researchers in this study sought       positive parents, 84% of women
                                     to determine how willing parents       preferred that the pediatrician
 Copyright© 2009 by Pediat-          are to submit to alcohol abuse         talk to them about intervention
 rics for Parents, Inc. All rights   screening and receive interven-        compared to 75% of the alcohol-
 reserved. Except for brief          tion information at their child’s      positive men.
 excerpts or reviews, no part        pediatric visit.
 of this issue may be reprinted                                             Similarly, both alcohol-positive
 in any form without prior ap-       Celeste R. Wilson, MD from Chil-       and alcohol-negative parents said
 proval.                             dren’s Hospital in Boston and her      they would be less honest about
                                     colleagues analyzed data from 879      their alcohol use when screened
 ISSN 0730-6725                      parents (mostly mothers) who           by a nurse practitioner, nurse or
 Writers’ and submission guide-      brought in their children for medi-    medical
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