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									  military. Is ROA the “retired officer         But this is done against the preferences      Martin Profile Shows ROA’s Role
  association”?                                 of many Reservists. I’d love to see the       Promoting Continuum of Service
      3. The charter is to “support and         poll that asks all Reservists what they           I could not help but smile with sat-
  promote ... a military policy ... that will   think of the new operational reserve          isfaction upon reading about LTJG
  provide adequate national security.”          model. Yes, it is predictable, but if it      Joseph T. Martin’s own unique model
      That is my biggest challenge getting      is too much time, it is predictably too       for continuum of service in the Febru-
  excited about ROA. It doesn’t advocate        much time.                                    ary/March edition of The Officer
  for me if what the military policy does           I love my country, I revere my broth-     (“Spotlight on Citizen Warriors”). LTJG
  is good for the military, but not for me.     ers in arms. I love the people of Iraq        Martin credits the March/April 2007
      For example, I feel that the rotation     that I served and worked with. But I          edition of The Officer with providing
  program—four or five train-up years           don’t want to be interrupted from my          him the information necessary to pursue
  and one year of deployment—is just            civilian life over 20 percent of my work-     his dream of serving as a naval officer.
  too much. There are few good corpo-           ing career. I liked the Citizen Soldier           Congratulations to LtGen Dennis
  rate careers that allow you to take four      model: the citizen part came first. I dis-    McCarthy, USMC (Ret.), for having
  to five years off in a 20-year period. I      like the Warrior Citizen model because        the foresight to publish that particular
  have to take unpaid leave from work           the citizen part of me is made second-        edition with its focus on career manage-
  for my two weeks of training each year,       ary rather than primary, with predict-        ment and service opportunities. Con-
  and my recent deployment was 15               able impact to my civilian career.            gratulations also to Eric Minton for
  months, with another month of Re-                                 Dana L. Tucker, Ph.D.     doing the hard work in gathering the
  serve train-up prior to that. It puts me                                    MAJ, USAR       information and putting it into a useful
  behind my peers and makes me notice-                                   Mooresville, N.C.    format.
  able to my employer in a bad way: the
  guy who will be leaving for substantial
  periods on a regular basis, when every-
  one else doesn’t even take their vaca-
  tion time.
                                                             Ease of use, peace of mind.
      I chose to be a Reservist because
  I wanted to help my country in an                                                          Be able to bathe safely, without worry
  emergency, not on a regular basis. If I                                                                    with a Premier Walk-In Bath.
  wanted to deploy four times in a 20-                                                       Independence and security are only a phone
  year career, I would have gone Regular                                                     call away. If you struggle taking your bath, talk
  from the start. Reservists are a great                                                     to us at Premier about our extensive range of
  deal for the military: we’re cheap labor                                                   walk-in baths.
  kept on retainer, but we deploy just like
  the Actives, who cost so much more, in-                                                        fear of slipping or falling.
  cluding better benefits. This shift into
  an operational reserve happened later                                                          and exiting at all times when taking a bath.
  in my Reserve career, so I’m looking at
  only one more deployment, but even                                                             aches and pains.
  that one will hurt my civilian career.
      I see letters occasionally in which                                                             Yes! Please send me a FREE COLOR BROCHURE
                                                                                                      about Premier Walk-In Baths.
  similar sentiments are expressed, but                                                       Name

  to my knowledge, ROA leadership has                                                         Telephone
  never said “this is just too much” when                                                     City

  discussing the decision to switch the                                                       State                                                           Zip
                                                                                              Send to: Premier Bathrooms Inc. 2330 South Nova Rd., South Daytona, Florida 32119

  model to an operational reserve. I un-                                                        CODE 90049

  derstand why ROA supports the opera-
  tional reserve concept: it improves the                            “Transform your
  nation’s defense posture, the Reserves’
  value to the military, its prestige, etc.
                                                                     bathroom and
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