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    TBI Report Inspires ‘Eureka!’
    In Australian Psychologist                                                   Corrections
        The erudite ROA Special Report on              In the January issue of The Officer, the Capitol Hill Connection di-
    “The True Trauma of TBI” authored by            rectory of the 111th Congress First Session incorrectly listed the congress-
    Eric Minton, with superlative articles          man from Indiana’s 7th District. He is Andre D. Carson (D), whose office
    from Elizabeth H. Manning and Brian             phone number is 5-4011. We regret the error.
    P. Smith (The Officer, Novem-
    ber 2008), offer unique explanations
    evolved from the history of applied          1998, during terminally diagnosed,         shell shock while serving in World War
    combative neuropsychology. Benefits          biopsy-proven esophageal cancer and        II, Liberia, and Vietnam, Dr. Cassel
    to patients, their troubled families,        relentless pain. One of those forensic     and his colleague psychologists saw
    community at large, and doctors and          psychology articles stated: “In a recent   brain damage nightmares in reality,
    specialists are inestimable. As a clinical   TBI personal injuries case, three          ironically commonplace on today’s
    psychologist, I’ve been treating veterans    neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and     highways, as even the United Nations
    since 1975 and working with MVA              neurologists gave evidence. Under          would agree at conference banquets.
    [motor vehicle accident] patients. So,       cross-examination, an astute attorney      Dreams of scientific miracles, however,
    the lamentably long-awaited “easy to         asked experts whether it was necessary     remain statistically probable through a
    read publication” on diffuse axonal in-      the victim lost consciousness to sustain   legacy of service, as in God we trust.
    jury (DAI) lands like something from         moderate or gross brain damage. He                        R.H. Brian Costello, Ph.D.
    Area 51.                                     noted the most common form of                      Founder, Director, and Publisher,
        Eureka! On Australia Day while           brain damage was cerebral concussion,                         Cassel Research Centre
    partying—without snobs but                   but patients with this disorder need         National Faculty U.S. Sports Academy,
    including engineers, race horse owners,      not lose consciousness and typically                      Sports Medicine Psychology
    psychologists, clergy, and even a            have amnesia for a few seconds to 
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