Double Cutlery Tray from Keystone Wood Specialties

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					                                                                                                                                                   R EMODELER S’ CHOICE

Double Cutlery Tray from
Keystone Wood Specialties
 Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen the Double Cutlery Tray as the ‘Remodelers’ Choice’ product for April. This
 product generated the highest amount of requests in the November issue.

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Double Cutlery Tray drawer boxes.       minimum amount of equipment           order to transmit and build
     In the November issue of           can build a cabinet, but it takes     an order as soon as it comes in.
Qualified Remodeler, we intro-          a greater amount of machinery         Each component that
duced you to the Double Cutlery         to build a raise paneled door or a    Keystone builds is
Tray drawer box. Keystone Wood          dovetailed drawer box,” explains      made to the speci-
Specialties offers Double Cutlery       Stolzfus. “It makes sense for them
Tray drawer boxes, available in         to buy their component parts from
any height as small as 4 in. with       us, because that way a cabinet
Description: "Because drawers are typically 4 to 5 in. deep, your basic cutlery set won't take up all that height," says Sam S toi zf us, president of Keystone Wood Specialties. "With a double cutlery tray, you now have twice the storage space and you can put the things you don't use as much in the bottom half of the drawer and the things you use most often on top."
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