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Money and Its Impact
On Fire Service Training Operations
Fiscal Issues Involved in Preparing a Training Budget

         n important part of every fire                       department. If you do not know what it is        ers, school principals, store managers and
         officer’s responsibilities involves                  you are supposed to do, it will be hard to       landlords of your municipality, county
         teaching and training people to                      develop a training program to meet those         or fire protection district. Once you have
do their jobs properly. This is a difficult                   unidentified, nebulous intentions that you       determined what the hazards are, you will
and challenging job, but one that ulti-                       think you have. If you cannot spell out what     be better prepared to create a training pro-
mately is rewarding. Success requires an                      you wish to do, I would fur-                                       gram that meets the actual,
intimate familiarity with the communi-
cations skills you need to get your points
                                                              ther suggest that you would
                                                              be unable to create a price
                                                                                                Preparing a                      identified needs in your
across to the students. However, nothing
is ever as easy as it seems.
                                                              tag for that unidentified
                                                              range of tasks.                 training budget                         Creating a training pro-
                                                                                                                                 gram is not easy. Many levels
      Everything we do in the fire and emer-                       The fire department is                                        of need must be addressed,
gency services involves money, or the lack                    one part of the emergency           involves                       some internal and some ex-
of it. Look at the problems that fire depart-                 services puzzle in your                                            ternal. In the first instance,
ments face because government lacks ad-                       community. To create an          deciding what                     you must develop a list of
equate funds. In more and more instances,                     understanding of what you                                          the mandatory training
fire instructors are being brought into the
budgetary process and asked to justify
                                                              are going to do, you must
                                                              know where you fit. Your
                                                                                                you want to                      programs to be delivered.
                                                                                                                                 Every state will have certain
their needs. This is not necessarily a bad
thing, but I do not want you to be caught
                                                              town has things in common
                                                              with all other communities.
                                                                                              accomplish and                     subjects that require annual
                                                                                                                                 training. Investigate the
unaware at a critical time. I want you to be                  Your town may also have                                            mandatory requireme
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