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                                          Mailing vs. Fulfillment
                                                                                         By Deborah Toth
                                                                                         For nearly the past 10 years, mailing and fulfillment services have
                                                                                         become growing operations within a printer’s roster. The importance
                                                                                         of this segment is illustrated in the flurry of new equipment introduc-
                                                                                         tions, seminars, consultants and even occupying the largest mailing and
                                                                                         fulfillment area at last year’s Graph Expo in Chicago. The Mailing and
                                                                                         Fulfillment Center at Graph Expo ‘08 occupied a record 38,900 square
                                                                                         feet of the show floor, and featured 73 exhibitors showcasing all the lat-
                                                                                         est mailing and fulfillment systems, products, and technologies.

                                                                                         “Mailing and fulfillment is a logical extension of a printer’s core services,
                                                                                         and the potential for profits are great,” said Ralph Nappi, president of
                                                                                         the Graphic Arts Show Co. “The record-setting size of the 2008 Mailing
                                                                                         & Fulfillment Center meant that newcomers to mailing and fulfillment,
                                                                                         as well as veterans, could find exactly the technologies and information
                                                                                         they needed to realize that potential and succeed in this area.”

                                                                                         “Over the past decade, printers have been searching for new revenue
                                                                                         streams and mailing and fulfillment services have been identified as a
                                                                                         lucrative area to be captured in-house,” said Michael Aumann, president
                                                                                         and CEO of Buhrs Americas, a mailing equipment manufacturer.

                                                                                         Two of a Kind?
                                                                                         While mailing and fulfillment tend to be lumped together, they are two
                                                                                         different entities and should be treated as such. Mailing encompasses
                                                                                         the creation and production of the design and copy of the printed piece,
                                                                                         merging it with the database of addresses, and ensuring that it is mailed
                                                                                         to that list in a timely fashion. Fulfillment, on the other hand, is consid-
                                                                                         ered the act of warehousing certain print or premium collateral, such as
                                                                                         brochures, presentation folders or promotional items for customers, and
  MAILCOM ‘09 To Focus on Cost-Cutting Measures                                          assembling those items into kits to be shipped to specific locations.

 By Liz Fedorowicz                            According to the show’s Web site,          “Adding mailing and fulfillment services to a printer’s in-house roster
 The 29th Annual MAILCOM conference           MAILCOM 2009 is an intensive learning      of services is a win-win for everyone,” said Peter Doyle, workflow and
 will take place April 5-8 at the Atlantic    experience, loaded with expert speak-      integration manager at Muller Martini. “The printer gets to expand their
 City Convention Center. The theme of         ers and in-depth seminars for execu-       offerings and grow their profit margin; the publishers reduce waste,
 the show is “Cut Postage Costs. Cut          tives and managers responsible for their   minimize shipping costs for their customers, and are able to keep their
 Distribution Costs. Cut Equipment            organization’s mail communications.        mailing list more secure at just the printer’s location and not at several
 Costs. We’ll Show You How.” And at           Attendees can choose from 144 semi-        mailing houses.”
 a time like this, all businesses, large or   nars offering insider secrets on cutting
 small, want to implement these cost-         costs, improving service, and comply-      “Printers used to give away fulfillment services but now they are charg-
 saving measures.                             ing with postal regulations. And, new      ing for it as value-added and it can pay for itself in one year,” noted Tom
                                                                   continued on page 9   Quinn, director of fulfillment for the Mailing and Fulfillment Service
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