Pitney Bowes Announces U.S. Agreement with RISO To Offer Color Inkjet Printer

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                                                            INDUSTRY NEWS
                                                            Pitney Bowes Announces U.S. Agreement with RISO To Offer Color Inkjet Printer
                                                            Pitney Bowes Inc., a mailstream               The HC5500 works in conjunction            the creation and printing of docu-         is ideal for anyone printing trans-
                                                            technology company, and RISO Inc.,            with a broad array of Pitney Bowes         ments in-house with a broad array of       actional or transpromotional docu-
                                                            supplier of digital printing technol-         products, including its mail manage-       Pitney Bowes products.”                    ments such as invoices, notices, and
                                                            ogy, announced an agreement in                ment software and inserters, to form a                                                personalized newsletters.
                                                            which Pitney Bowes will offer RISO’s          complete “print-to-mail” solution in a     “In today’s economy, organizations
                                                            HC5500 color inkjet printer to custom-        cut-sheet environment.                     need to maximize productivity and          The printer can handle duplex print-
                                                            ers in the United States.                                                                efficiency in their print production.      ing in normal mode up to 92 pages
                                                                                                          “Our collaboration with RISO is a          The HC5500 combines affordable             per minute. The low-cost, small-
                                                            Ideal for mid and high-volume                 natural fit with our integrated print-     color, high speed, and high reliability    footprint printer has a robust paper
                                                            printing environments, the HC5500             ing and mailing solutions,” said Mark      that results in low total cost of owner-   handling system for volumes up to
                                                            complements Pitney Bowes’s portfo-            Pollack, vice president, marketing,        ship. With this printer, organizations     500,000 pages per month. The no-
                                                            lio of integrated printing and mail-          U.S. Mailing for Pitney Bowes. “The        can now afford to convert their black      heat system of the HC5500 also offers
                                                            ing solutions to help organizations           HC5500 offers our customers a high-        and white documents to full color          increased reliability and up-time for
                                                            manage the production and flow of             speed, low-cost color inkjet printing      in order to increase response rates        post insertion processes.
                                                            documents and mail, and connect               solution that can help increase opera-     and improve the overall appearance
                                                            with customers.                               tional efficiency and convenience with     of their communications. This prod-        HC5500 systems are available with a
                                                                                                                                                     uct offers real and unique value to        stacking tray, offset stacker or full fin-
                                                                                                                                                     Pitney Bowes customers,” said David        isher and options including a scanner
                                                                   GPO Prints Presidential Portrait                                                  Murphy, vice president of marketing        system and touch panel display. The
                                                                                                                                                     for RISO.                                  standard IS700C ComColor Adobe
                                                                       On Heidelberg Press                                                                                                      PostScript 3TM RIP can be enhanced
                                                              The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has printed the official photo-              Utilizing RISO’s FORCEJET print-           with an Advanced or Professional
                                                              graphs of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on a 4-color             ing technology, the HC5500 runs at         package to increase the color and
                                                              Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 perfector.                                               120 pages per minute, or 85 no. 10         variable data printing capabilities of
                                                                                                                                                     envelopes per minute. The HC5500           the HC5500.
                                                              The photographs will hang in more than 7,000 federal installations managed
                                                              by the U.S. General Services Administration. In all, the GPO will print more
                                                              than 130,000 photographs in three sizes (8x10, 11x14, and 20x24). The portraits
                                                              are available for sale at GPO’s Online Bookstore at http://bookstore.gpo.gov/collec-
                                                                                                                                                                  CEO of e-LYNXX Corp.
                                                              tions/inaugural-2009.jsp.                                                                         Named Innovator of the Year
                                                              This is the first time The White House has taken the President’s official photo-       The Greater Chambersburg Chamber           known, including spot bidding and
                                                              graph digitally. GPO used its digital capabilities to produce the photograph of        of Commerce has recognized William         reverse auctions.”
                                                              President Obama. Employees then transferred the digital image from a com-              Gindlesperger, founder, chairman, and
                                                              puter to a printing plate and finally to the 4-color Heidelberg Speedmaster            chief executive officer of e-LYNXX         Gindlesperger submitted his competi-
                                                              SM 102, which produced the high quality product. The President’s photo-         
Description: "Our collaboration with RISO is a natural fit with our integrated printing and mailing solutions," said Mark Pollack, vice president, marketing, U.S. Mailing for Pitney Bowes. "The HC5500 offers our customers a highspeed, low-cost color inkjet printing solution that can help increase operational efficiency and convenience with the creation and printing of documents in-house with a broad array of Pitney Bowes products."
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