; Art, Code, and the Engine of Change
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Art, Code, and the Engine of Change


The historian of science and literary critic N. Katherine Hayles argues that computational technology has become so interwoven in our experience as to shift the very concepts by which we array our world, constituting a "regime of computation" that pervades all our communications and by extension our entire culture. 1 If the digital is so pervasive - and not only Hayles *s persuasive text but also the texture of everyday life in our society, critically observed, confirms that it is - then why don't we see its manifestations and effects everywhere in contemporary visual art? The term "computer art" was in common use in the early days of the medium, and though some artists already found it too confining, from the historical perspective of die exhibition it seemed the best descriptive term.5 It has lately been displaced by terms such as "electronic art" or "new media," leaving computer art as "the embryonic manifestation of contemporary new media" for some researchers.6 Imaging by Numbers constructed the significance of computer art somewhat differendy: as a source of still-lively ideas originating in scientific disciplines and avant-garde art practices.

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