A Day at the 'Spa' (Well, Sort of...) by ProQuest


With the proliferation of spas almost everywhere you turn, it seems like the entire population is getting refreshed over and over. The author does hope you will feel great after the treatment in this financial and tax spa. If part of your home is used for business purposes, you may be able to take a home office deduction. A taxpayer who permits a charity to use his property without charge cannot claim a charitable tax deduction. Sooner or later, most of you will become the executor of someone's will, but one could be named by any friend or relative for that duty. An executor is the person ultimately responsible for the disposition of the assets of the deceased. Rental income is any payment received for the use or occupation of property. Since most landlords report on a cash basis, they count payments received as income in the tax year and deduct expenses as paid in the same tax year.

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