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									                                                                                                                I special reports I

                                                                                                           qualifying exams two

TOP 10 Statistics
Part II of the Qualifying Examination
(Financial Management)

SAICA is extremely pleased with the              Further, one of the Top 10 candidates
excellent pass rate achieved in the Part II      is a repeat candidate. Having a repeat
Financial Management Exam (QEII) written         candidate in the Top 10 is extremely rare as
in November 2008. An overall pass rate of        statistics show that the chances of success
79% (previous year 53%) was achieved.            amongst repeat candidates is lower than
                                                 that of first time candidates, but the 2008
The first time candidate pass rate was 81%       results revealed that if repeat candidates
compared to 63% in the previous year.            apply themselves diligently, qualifying for
Repeat candidates also performed well in         the CA(SA) designation is obtainable as
this exam with a 64% pass rate compared          evidenced this year.
to last year’s 41% pass rate. See Key
Statistics table below.

The excellent pass rate is ascribed to a                                                                                              35
combination of factors, among them:

• The higher percentage of first-time            Key Statistics
  candidates writing the examination
  (85% of the exam candidate population           QE PART II – FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
  compared to 50% in the previous year);
• The implementation of a new case study          FIRST TIMERS VS REPEAT CANDIDATES (2007 VS 2008)
  format which was introduced in 2007 and                                  Fail       Pass      TOTAL     % Pass
  which tests candidates’ ability to integrate    First timers             32         140       172       81%
  and apply their technical and professional
                                                  Repeats                  10         18        28        64%
  skills in a written exam. This exam now
  features two separate integrated case           TOTAL 2008               42         158       200       79%
  studies for which all candidates are given      First timers             28         48        76        63%
  20 minutes additional reading time before       Repeats                  41         29        70        41%
  commencing with the writing of the
                                                  TOTAL 2007               69         77        146       53%
• Both candidates and training officers put
  a substantial effort into preparation for
  the examination; and                           The top 10 candidates for 2008 are:
• Candidates receiving outstanding
  support from the SAICA-accredited               PLACE           NAME                           FIRM
  Accounting Professional Training (APT)
  programme in the form of additional             1               Mitan Nana *                   Investec Bank Ltd
  lectures, simulated examinations and            2               Andrew Da Costa *              Investec Bank Ltd
  group tutorials.                                3               Munyaradzi Muvezwa             Standard Bank of South Africa
                                                  4               Lwanda Cenge                   Investec Bank Ltd
Mr Mitan Nana and Mr Andrew Da Costa,
both trainees from Investec, achieved             5               Ruveshan Moodliyar             First Rand Bank
honours being an average of higher than           6               Stuart Simpson                 Standard Bank of South Africa
75% in the QE II.                                 7               Niriksha Singh                 Standard Bank of South Africa

In addition SAICA is pleased with the fact        8               Rona Louwrens                  Altron Management Services
that 6 of the Top 10 candidates are Black         9               Borg Sauber                    First Rand Bank
(3 African and 3 Indian). Two of the African      10              Mpho Mogoba                    Absa Bank
candidates who were placed in the Top 10
                                                                  * With Honours
completed the Part 1 Thuthuka Support
Programme in 2007   .

                                                                  asa I april 2009
                                                                                                                    I special reports I

                                                                                                               qualifying exams two

Top Ten Candidate Profiles
1                                                 2                                                 3

 Mitan Nana (23) CA(SA) –                          Andrew Da Costa (25) CA(SA) –                     Munyaradzi Muve
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