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Silence can be overwhelmingly powerful                                                                                                                        person you are talking to feel more at ease. So, it
                                                                                                                                                              is not the silence or pausing that is the problem,
                                                                                                                                                              it is our reaction to it and our fear of it. Remem-
                                                                                                                                                              ber that the next time you are about to present.
Question: Why is it so difficult for most profes-    Question: Some people are afraid of silence          us to say things we wish we hadn’t. However, if     Pause, take a deep breath and simply relax.
sionals to use silence as a communication tool?      because it can be uncomfortable or awkward.          when experiencing silence we took a breath and
Adubato: The most common reason is that we           How can we overcome that?                            said to ourselves, “What am I thinking right now?   The Bottom Line: Getting comfortable with
don’t think about it much. We think communi-         Adubato: As communicators we put so much             What do I want to say? What does my audience        and incorporating the sound of silence into
cating is simply talking nonstop in a linear fash-   pressure on ourselves to think of the perfect        want and need to hear right now?” then we           our everyday communication will pay huge
ion — no pauses, no planned silence, no hesita-      thing to say, that as soon as we experience a sec-   would project more confidence and a greater         dividends in the world of communication and
tion, no rhythm — just talking randomly. We are      ond or two of silence, we panic. This often causes   comfort level. These techniques will help the       in our everyday conversations. ◆
not aware of how we are being received and per-
ceived by others.
Our lack of under-
standing of the
power of silence is
indicative of how
most professionals
miss subtle com-
munication tools

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