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Wikipedia has an excellent article on infrastructure. It explains that the word was imported from French, where it means subgrade, the native material underneath a constructed pavement or railway. The word is a combination of the Latin prefix "infra," meaning "below" and "structure." That definitely applies to terms like cabling infrastructure. Infrastructure also is used to mean the underlying framework of a system or organization.

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									                                                    Security Management

System Life Cycle PlanningTechnology development should spur upgrades
                                                   By Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS III
      major shift has occurred in security          ogy trends continue to shorten the pace of     security technology now requires:

A     technology development, and nothing
      in the security industry’s history to date
      has prepared practitioners to deal with
      it. Approaching today’s and tomorrow’s
technology with yesterday’s thinking results
in wasted money, wasted effort and an inad-
equate response to the changing risk picture.
                                                    new product introductions. This accelerat-
                                                    ing trend, of which security technology is
                                                    now a part, is depicted in the Technology
                                                    Timeline shown on Page 70.
                                                       To maintain effective security, security
                                                    practitioners must radically alter their
                                                    approaches to procuring and manag-
                                                                                                      • previous technical knowledge;
                                                                                                      • previous risk and security operations
                                                                                                      • new IT technical knowledge;
                                                                                                      • a deeper understanding of your orga-
                                                                                                   nization’s security risk picture; and
                                                                                                      • new perspectives, strategies and prac-
Especially in today’s economic and business         ing technology, starting now. It is not a      tices for technology planning and adoption.
climates, that’s an unacceptable situation for      matter of choice, unless the choice is to         The last two elements are new and must
any company’s security function.                    choose another profession, or to delegate      be obtained relative to the new technology
   An informal survey of security practi-           technology planning and management.            shift.
tioners about this article’s title — System            Note the significant change in the Figure      Security, computer and network tech-
Life Cycle Planning — found most practi-            1 timeline as of the year 2000. The Y2K        nology can do far more than they used to.
tioners asking how this differed from what          projects of many companies included wide-      But to obtain their beneficial use requires
they already do for annual maintenance              spread upgrades and expansions to cor-         both a deeper understanding of the secu-
planning. That difference — and it is major         porate networks, and the globalization of      rity risk picture of the business, and a
— is the subject of this article.                   separated local area networks. This enabled    technology approach that enables you to
   The shift in technology development is           a major acceleration of network-related        adapt your security technology to the risk
the result of digital computing, network-           technology development and adoption from       picture on an ongoing basis.
ing and communications technologies                 this point on. Security technology advance-       The basic situation is that all technology
being incorporated into physical security           ment is part of this trend.                    is changing more rapidly. The world — and
systems, and new systems being devel-                                                              that includes business — is changing more
oped based on technology capabilities that          Warning                                        rapidly as a result. This means that the secu-
did not exist even five years ago. Some                There is one caveat: this is not “just an   rity function has to be far more aware and
product life cycles are becoming as short           IT thing.” It is not solely a matter of get-   adaptable that it has been in the past. New
as two years. New technologies are being            ting up to speed on IP-based technologies      technology can help the security function
developed every year and digital technol-           and networking. Effective deployment of        in its advancement; thus, for practitioners,

68            SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE • March 2009
        Security Management

understanding the role of system life cycle      Technology Timeline
planning is vital.
   System life cycle planning 
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