PRODUCT FOCUS: Video Monitoring Equipment and Megapixel Cameras by ProQuest


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 PRODUCT FOCUS: Video Monitoring
 Equipment and Megapixel Cameras

Day/Night Cameras                                             PTZ and Vandal Proof Units
   Norbain SD offers the XC200DN and XC202DN                    zIP is Crest Electronic’s new line of IP full body, PTZ and
range of high resolution color and true day/night cam-                  vandal-proof dome cameras. The cameras feature
                           eras which provide low light                               adjustable bandwidth throttle for tai-
                              color performance, auto                                    loring the camera’s performance
                                       and manual shut-                                        to the network capabilities
                                       ter speeds and EI,                                       and incorporate user-select-
                                      AI and DD lens                                            able MJPEG and MPEG-4
                                   drives. The cameras                                          compression for high qual-
                                offer 480/570TVL, low                                         ity streaming video; operate
light performance at 0.04 lux and come in both Mains          on 12vDC or PoE (also user selectable); and include easy-to-
(230V AC) and low voltage options (12V DC and 24V DC).        use installation software with auto detect.
For more information, visit                For more information, visit www.crestelectronics.
Circle 232                                                    com. Circle 236

IP for Low Lighting                                           Remote Video Monitoring Solution
   Basler Vision Technologies expanded their IP line to Video is a remote video
now include their day/night camera models BIP-640c-           monitoring solution that enables users to
dn with a resolution of                                       view activity in and around their homes
640 x 480 pixels (VGA);                                       and businesses via their cell
BIP-1000c-dn with a                                           phones, PDAs and personal
resolution of 1024 x                                          computers. The solution
768 pixels (XGA); and                                         is enabled by’s
BIP-1300c-dn with a                                           video equipment platform,
megapixel resolution        
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