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                                                                          By Richard Chace

Security Weathers the Storm
                   THE SECURITY INDUSTRY Association                  statistically significant evaluation of the after-
                 (SIA), as part of its commitment to deliver-         market for security. Adding the aftermarket
                 ing actionable data on the industry recently         calculations to the value of products specified
                 produced a one-of-a-kind look at the non-resi-       in new and renovation construction provides
                                dential electronic security mar-      a reliable estimate of the total size of the elec-
                                 ket in the U.S. The U.S. Security    tronic physical security (EPS) market in the
                                 Market Report and Economic
                                 M                                    U.S. for the products covered in the report.
                                 Impact Study identifies security     SIA believes that this estimate reliably defines,
                                  market opportunities and end-
                                  m                                   without bias, at least 90 percent of the total
                                  user buying preferences, while
                                  u                                   market for all electronic security product sales
                                  providing detailed data on the
                                  p                                   in the U.S.
                                  size and economic impact of            Market data provided by the U.S. Security
                                   the electronic security indus-     Market Report is further analyzed and matched
                                   try in the country.                with U.S. government data from the Bureau
                                       In crafting the report, SIA    of Economic Analysis to estimate the value of
                                    used construction specifica-      the industry along the distribution chain and
                                    tion data to get an unbiased      calculate job creation. These data provide a
                                    and statistically reliable look   valuable tool in high-level business strategies
                                     at the security market. A        including mergers, acquisitions and financing
                                     detailed analysis of security    or funding proposals.
                                     products specified in new           The study also delivers a 10-year economic
                                      and renovation construc-        forecast for the U.S. as a whole and the EPS
                                      tion projects across the U.S.   market, in particular, that takes into account

“  Revealing these market
opportunities gives users
of the report an advantage
                                       over two years provides a
                                       snapshot of where, geo-
                                       graphically and by market
                                       segment, those
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