; 3VR Partners with Diebold
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3VR Partners with Diebold


"The utility these comprehensive solutions provide is limited only by our customers' imagination," said Gary Kallman, senior vice president of worldwide operations, 3VR. "With Diebold's legendary service and 3VR's topmarket technology, we can help banks, retailers, public agencies and other vital businesses bring fraud to its knees. And, in the process, we can increase ROI by adding value to other parts of the organization."

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                                                                     3VR Partners with Diebold
                                                                       As new technologies and a struggling economy con-
                                                                     tinue to increase crime rates, a new partnership with San
                                                                     Francisco-based 3VR Security Inc will provide custom-
                                                                     ers of Diebold with expanded solutions for fighting crime
                                                                     before it happens. Through the partnership, Diebold will
                                                                     sell, install and service 3VR products.
                                                                       The strategic partnership between Diebold Security and
                                                                     3VR delivers intelligent video management solutions to
                                                                     help reduce fraud and increase efficiency of investigative
                                                                     operations for organizations in financial, retail and gov-
                                                                     ernment markets around the world.
                             EMERgency24’s donation highlights         "In today's business environment, protection from fraud
                             the importance of having a moni-        and other crimes is critical," said Dennis M. Moriarty,
                              tored alarm system. The nation-
                              wide wholesale monitoring compa-
                                                                     senior vice president, Diebold Security. "Access to 3VR's
                               ny works to foster better relations   searchable surveillance platform will enable our custom-
                               with police and fire authorities.     ers to more effectively identify fraud suspects and conduct
                                                                     investigations while reducing their physical, operational
system installers play in keeping communities safe.                  and investigation costs. The forward-thinking technology
   “The EMERgency24 Responder Reward program was                     used to deliver these solutions will undoubtedly continue
developed to thank firefighters and police officers and              to add unique value to our customers' security programs
responding authorities for the invaluable services they              now and in the future.”
provide in communities across America,” said Patrick                   "The utility these comprehensive solutions provide is
Devereaux, senior vice president of EM
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