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Factors Limiting IP Growth                                        opers of the XProtect suite of video management software
                                                                  products, now has some 400-plus partners worldwide and
                                                                  more than 60 attended the Las Vegas event. These partners/
                                                                  integrators cover the security hardware and IT world and
                                                                  also include engineers and consultants. This chart from IMS
                                                                  Research, a presenter at the conference, indicates some of
                                                                  the obstacles to growth for IP video systems—so integrators
                                                                  can tackle them head on.

                                                                  EMERgency24 Lauds Responders
                                                                    EMERgency24, Chicago, donated $1,000 through its
                                                                  Responder Reward program to the Montgomery County
                                                                  Fire and Rescue Service, Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire
                                                                  Department (CJPVFD), Company 10, Bethesda, Md., for their
                                                                  fast response to Patti and Michael Hellyer’s home after the
                                                                  smoke from a stove burner being left turned on set off the
IMS Research presented at The Milestone Integration Platform      alarm system. The photoelectric smoke detectors installed
Symposium and although IP is on the way up, there are detinite    by Splaine Security Systems, Kensington, Md., quickly rec-
obstacles, above, for manufacturers, integrators and end-users.   ognized the fire scenario and alerted EMERgency24, which
  This was just one of many stats and facts and other vital       dispatched authorities immediately.
information SD&I gleaned from attendance at The Milestone           The Responder Reward donation is designed to acknowl-
Integration Platform Symposium 2009. Milestone, devel-            edge the important roles emergency responders and alarm-

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