Factors Limiting IP Growth by ProQuest


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Factors Limiting IP Growth                                        opers of the XProtect suite of video management software
                                                                  products, now has some 400-plus partners worldwide and
                                                                  more than 60 attended the Las Vegas event. These partners/
                                                                  integrators cover the security hardware and IT world and
                                                                  also include engineers and consultants. This chart from IMS
                                                                  Research, a presenter at the conference, indicates some of
                                                                  the obstacles to growth for IP video systems—so integrators
                                                                  can tackle them head on.

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                                                                    EMERgency24, Chicago, donated $1,000 through its
                                                                  Responder Reward program to the Montgomery County
                                                                  Fire and Rescue Service, Cabin J
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