Dudamel, Domingo, Villazn and the New Classical Music by ProQuest


Neher features Gustavo Dumadel, Rolando Villazon, and Placido Domingo, three Latin Americans artists representing three generations share a similar charisma--an intensity made up of intelligence, dedication, craft, passion, and sheer joy in performing the new age of classical music. Among others, conductor Dumadel's love of music-making somehow taps into the deep love of music that hooked music lover in the first place as children. What's perhaps even more astounding is that in Aug 2007 Youtube video was actually an encore to a full-length program featuring Dudamel conducting his young musicians, the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, in a disciplined reading of Shostakovich's 10th Symphony, a harrowing piece forged in the cauldron of Stalin's purges. The colorful windbreakers were put on only for the encore; underneath, those kids were wearing grown-up tuxes.

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