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									         printer review
          By Bill Schiffner

         HP Designjet L65500 Printer
            or more that 20 years Bay area-based Splash!Events          worldwide to have the printer in house. “The printer was
            has prided itself on being on the cutting edge of           shown at drupa 2008. We only saw samples and purchased
            technology, so when they heard that HP was working          it just based on that. We had it installed in September; even
    on a grand-format printer that                                                                  before it was on display for the
    offered Latex printing technology,                                                              first time in the US at SGIA ’08
    they were very intrigued.                                                                       in October. We were up and run-
         “We had been in the market                                                                 ning test prints on it in two days.”
    for a printer that offered more                                                                      He said right away they
    green printing options, that                                                                    noticed a big difference. “On the
    enabled environmentally respon-                                                                 production side we didn’t have
    sible printing and delivered the                                                                the odors or hazardous chemicals
    quality and durability that our                                                                 to deal with in the shop as well as
    customers expect from us. We had                                                                getting the quality and durability
    looked the current crop of printers                                                             on all our print jobs we wanted.”
    out there but nothing that really                                                                    The printer features a six-ink
    fit our needs,” said David Payne,                                                               printing system, including an HP
    principal/CEO at Splash!Events,                                                                 Embedded Spectrophotometer.
                                            David Payne and Print Technician Laura
    with offices in San Francisco and       Humbrecht with their HP L65500.                         And, high-resolution indoor
    San Jose, CA. “Our company is                                                                   prints achieve consistent color
    a full service exhibit house that designs and fabricates sig-       thanks to HP DreamColor Technologies.
    nage for trade show exhibits, corporate events and high-end              “With this printer, we can now even output to recycled
    retail and corporate environments. We wanted a printer that         paper using an ink that’s recyclable. It’s a total green
    could offer green solutions across to all those disciplines         equation,” he said.
    we service. When we heard about the HP Designjet L65500                  Splash had the chance to put it to the test by produc-
    Printer, with its Latex printing solution, we were very excited     ing marketing collateral and signage for the Nike Women’s
    and jumped on board almost right away,” he added.
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