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Fujifilm Excellight Display Film
   Fujifilm USA Inc. has launched Excellight, a high
quality coated polyester film designed to produce
inkjet printed backlit displays that exhibit the same
outstanding color fidelity and depth whether illumi-
nated from the back or the front. A new technol-
ogy inkjet receiver layer incorporated in the media
makes it suitable for use with both solvent-based
and UV curable inks. This same technology allows
the back light of an Excellight display to be turned
off during the day while still delivering impressive
image quality.                                           Océ Rolls Out Arizona 350 XT
   Fujifilm Excellight is designed to produce excep-         Océ North America has introduced the Oce
tional results when used with Fujifilm Sericol inks on   Arizona 350 XT printer with an enlarged flatbed
a variety of printers, and is also well suited for use   table capable of producing rigid prints as large
with other manufacturers of UV and solvent inks.         as 98.4 by 120 inches.
   Fujifilm Excellight will be sold in multiple widths       The extra width of the Océ Arizona 350 XT
up to 54 inches and its availability is targeted for     enables the printer to be used in a continuous
Spring 2009.                                             imaging mode for rigid media up to 125x250
For more information, visit         cm (a standard four- by eight-foot board). Two
einquiry                                                 rigid boards of this size can be mounted on
                                                         separate vacuum areas of the flatbed table.
                                                         While one board is being printed, the other can
                                                         be changed by the operator. Since the printer
                                                         never has to stop printing for a media change,
                                                         users can significantly increase their net print
Windflex from                                            production on boards this size.
Image Transform                                              With the Roll Media Option installed, users
    Image Transform has                                  can print onto flexible media up to 2.2 m (87
released Windflex, a                           
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