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    Estimable Assistance
    By Jeffrey Steele
                                                                          Another key benefit has been greatly enhanced opera-
                                                                     tional reporting, which has helped cut effort and money. “I
        There’s no question estimating software                      can stay at my desk all day and still know what’s going on in
    has made life immeasurably easier, more efficient and more       terms of sales, production and design and accounts receiv-
    profitable for wide-format print professionals everywhere.       able,” Boatright says. “It has allowed us to keep track of our
        But when it comes to choosing estimating software,           costs and cut down on waste drastically. It made us really
    every shop is different. Some want estimating functions and      examine our pricing, based on material usage and waste.
    not a whole lot more, while others seek software solutions            “[Cyrious Control was] hands down the best product we
    that can provide total shop management capabilities, from        found for the money.”
    estimating to accounting, inventory control, sales tracking,          Also benefiting from Cyrious Control is SignTex
    production management, and marketing.                            Imaging, a shop that produces billboards, banners, and stadi-
                                                                     um graphics in the Houston suburb of Tombal, TX. General
    Cyrious Control                                                  manager Terri Kline used Cyrious Control at FastSigns, her
         Cyrious Control software is the choice of Digitech          previous employer, and brought it over to SignTex in April
                                    Graphics Group, a Lakeland,      2008, two months before the shop began using it.
                                    FL shop specializing in wide-         Currently, Cyrious Control is being used at SignTex
                                    format products from trade       Imaging only for estimating. But the shop is “now getting
                                    show displays and graphics       into the production terminals of the software,” Kline says,
                                    to vehicle wraps, wall murals,   and likely will begin using the product for bookkeeping and
    environmental graphics, and standard wide-format posters.        billing functions as well.
         General manager Jay Boatright selected the software for          “I liked the ease of it,” Kline notes of her decision
    its total shop management program. “We were looking to           to recommend Cyrious to her new employer at SignTex
    consolidate three software tools into one,” he recalls of the    Imaging. “It covers everything. It asks all the right ques-
    decision reached 15 months ago. “The three were estimating       tions, so you don’t forget to ask customers the questions you
    and quoting, accounts payable and production management.”        need to ask, and don’t forget to enter the right information.”
         In addition to providing those capabilities, the software        The previous software SignTex Imaging used was “ter-
    also aids Digitech in sales tracking and marketing. Boatright    rible,” Kline recalls. It lacked security features to prevent
    reports that until they began using the software, he and his     unauthorized users from tapping into the program and
    colleagues didn’t realize exactly how they would be able to      entering changes that no one could track. By contrast,
    use the data the software gathered. “Now we have a great         Cyrious Control requires all users to have passwords to
    wealth of data on our clients and potential clients, which we    enter the software program. “It will log the activity if you
    can use for more efficient marketing,” he says.                  withdraw or deposit money in
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