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 Vehicle wrap industry is on the move
                                                                   Arizona-based Blue Media wrapped the Phoenix Light
                                                                   Rail for the recent 2009 NBA All-Star Game.
    By Steven Shaw

    These                 harsh economic times are tak-
                          ing their toll on many industries.
    Downsizing, bankruptcy, and businesses shutting down
                                                                   “I remember when 3M released their Comply vinyl and
                                                                   that was the game changer,” he recalls. “In my experience,
                                                                   using 3M graphic film exclusively in my plant, the films
    have become everyday news. But while some markets are          have become easier to handle, less aggressive and almost
    on the downswing, and others are holding steady, a select      anybody with some patience and common sense could
    few are actually seeing expansion. One of those markets        apply vehicle graphics with a little practice.”
    is vehicle wraps.                                                  Rosencrantz believes one of the biggest reasons there
        With fast turnaround times, less expensive equipment,      has been such rapid growth in the industry in the past few
    and an economical way to advertise, vehicle wraps are          years is because more “everyday” people understand the
    becoming all the rage. Several high-profile executives in      process. “I remember back in ’03 and ’04 people would
    the industry recently took time from their busy schedules      call and ask how much the paint job cost,” he laughs. “I
    to shed light on the success of vehicle wraps.                 had explained that it was not a paint job I had on my

    EMR Graphics
         “I have seen a steady increase in the wrap industry for
    the past five years,” says Eric Rosencrantz, CEO, EMR
    Graphics LLC, “and an even bigger push within the last
    two years.” Randolph, NJ-based EMR Graphics is one of
    3M’s authorized Scotchprint manufacturers.
         “That sets us apart from other graphic manufactur-
    ers,” Rosencrantz says. “I think it’s important to establish
    yourself as something special, to differentiate yourself
    from your competition. We pride ourselves on our qual-
    ity, service, rapid turnaround, and state-of-the-art manu-
    facturing equipment. This is what makes our clients keep
    coming back.”
         Rosencrantz has been installing vinyl graphics since      EMR Graphics "paint wrapped" this Lamborghini
    the mid-80s and says so much has changed since then.           Murcielago for one their clients.

12 MARCH 2009 WIDE-FORMAT IMAGING                                                             www.wide-formatimaging.com
vehicle, but rather a removable ‘decal’ that could protect      tive window perf has come back into our market after a
their paint and could be removed with
Description: While many smaller print shops are popping up, EMR is busier than ever and the future looks bright...literally. "We have wrapped everything from trains to boats to huge buildings, even a Lamborghini Murcielago whose owner wanted to change the paint color from silver to metallic orange and that turned out absolutely perfect," says [Eric Rosencrantz], adding that many manufacturers of wrap vinyl are now going for that "different" look. "The days of using your standard matte, lustre and...
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