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Do you stock it?
The following products are among the most requested                                     Perhaps you’ve already received requests about some of
tools and equipment from recent issues of PD’s sister pub-                              these items. They are definitely products you should take a
lication, Professional Tool & Equipment News.                                           closer look at for your customers. ❚

                                                         Eliminate lifting
                                                         during tire changes
                                                         The unique Wheelfloat wheel dolly design virtually
                                                         eliminates lift from the entire tire changing process,
                                                         including lifting to the vehicle hub, the tire chang-
Upgraded                                                 ing table and the balancing machine. Suitable for
parts and                                                single and dual tire and wheels up to 130 lbs., the
rotors                                                   Wheelfloat lifts a wheel and tire up to 36” in diam-
The 1100-K Kevlar                                        eter, including 19.5” truck rims. No adjustment is
Composite          1/2”                                  necessary between different wheel sizes.
impact wrench from                                       Enter 42 at “e-inquiry” on
Aircat introduces upgrades to
the tool line with hard-faced chrome parts
and upgraded rotor blades. The power                     Reduce workplace clutter
tool offers a twin hammer mechanism and                  KTI puts an end to workplace clutter and mess
comes with a two-year factory warranty. All              with its magnetic tool holders, which store a
parts are made in the USA.                               variety of screwdrivers, socket wrenches, ham-
Enter 40 at “e-inquiry” on professionaldistributor-      mers, pliers, air impact wrenches and other                                             hand tools. Item options include: a magnetic
                                                         tool holder, a mini magnetic hanger for air
                                                         impact wrenches, a magnetic tool box and a
Check PH, sulfate and                                    multi-purpose magnetic tool holder.
chloride levels                                          Enter 43 at “e-inquiry” on professionaldistributor-
Four Seasons’ Acustrip                         
Coolant Test Strips,
No. 69505, help techs
properly maintain their
customers’ cooling sys-                                  Reach difficult torx bolts
tems. The strips help                                    Durston’s UJET100 Universal Joint “E” Torx work
check the PH, sulfate                                    well for hard-to-reach torx bolts on steering columns, air
and chloride levels of                                   bags, transmissions and many other applications. With
a vehicle’s coolant in                                   nose diameters reduced to
minutes.                                                 fit in tight areas, the 9-piece
Enter 41 at “e-inquiry” on professionaldistributor-
                                                         set includes inverted torx
                                                         drivers E4 through E16.
                                                         Sizes E4 through E8 have
                                                         a 1/4” square drive, while
                                                         sizes E10 through E16 have
                                                         a 3/8” square drive. All tools feature heat-treated, chrome moly steel.
                                                         Enter 44 at “e-inquiry” on

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