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MICHAEL KEENAN: Life at full speed


Before day is done, Keenan will have bowled, had lunch with friends, boned up on the latest Saints free agent signings and draft picks, checked the box scores to see how his beloved Philadelphia Phillies are doing in the pennant race and once again bemoaned the departure of the nowgone New Orleans VboDoo Arena Football League team, looked over this social calendar for the weekend (which includes a dance on Saturday), then finally slowed down to thumb through the wrestling magazines to check up on his favorite grappler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Long before the first pitch is thrown on Airline Drive, Keenan is wearing his Zephyrs' T-shirt and baseball cap and is handing out the night's giveaways to Z's fens, most of who know him by first name. "Absolute nonsense," says an Irish Channel woman who became known as Sister M. Lillian McCormick S.S.N.D., the force behind St. Michael's Special School, the landmark program that opened doors of accomplishment for Down Syndrome men and women all over the world.

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