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					 2008 Graduates
 President’s Window                                                                                                             Alumni News

T   he call of God comes at
    every stage of our lives.
The boy Samuel did not
                                                                         for a rich learning environ-
                                                                         ment. At a time when jobs
                                                                         in the wider society are
                                                                                                                                Joel Miller (Master of Divinity
                                                                                                                                2006) was ordained on Feb. 1
                                                                                                                                at Cincinnati (Ohio) Mennonite
sleep another wink on the                                                scarce, more people from all                           Fellowship.
night the Lord “came and                                                 stages of life are coming to
stood there, calling ‘Samuel!                                            seminary. This is a gift for                           David Elkins (Master of
Samuel!’” Moses at midlife                                               the church, because it sug-                            Divinity 2005) was ordained
was daunted to hear God                                                  gests that God is preparing                            Sept. 7 at Lima (Ohio)
say in the desert, “I will          and witness in the world.            leaders for the years ahead.                           Mennonite Church.
send you to Pharaoh.” Life             In recent years the AMBS              This is also a challenge
changed forever for inter-          !Explore program has                 for AMBS, because eco-                                 Rachel Nafziger Hartzler
national business woman             helped scores of Mennonite           nomic turmoil in the wider                             (Master of Arts in Christian
Priscilla when God called           teenagers test their own             society has diminished our                             Formation 2004) was ordained
her to be a teacher in the          calling. Graduate programs           financial resources. AMBS                              Nov. 23 at Pleasant Oaks
early church.                       at AMBS are seeing a surge           employees recently pledged                             Mennonite Church, Middlebury,
    It is a wonderful sign          of recent college gradu-             to give an additional                                  Ind.
for the Mennonite Church            ates (who bring energy               $110,000 back to the semi-
that more congregations             and probing questions) as            nary next fiscal year to help                          Paula Killough (Master of Di-
are helping people at every         well as older students up            balance the budget. That is                            vinity 2008) is senior executive
stage of life hear and an-          to typical retirement age            how strongly we feel that,                             for advancement for Mennonite
swer God’s call. It is urgent       (who bring wisdom and life           at a time when enrollment                              Mission Network.
that this call include prepa-       experience). Current AMBS            is increasing and the church
ration for pastoral leader-         students include a former            needs leaders, the seminary                            Daniel S. Schipani (Faculty)
ship and mission work.              newspaper editor, people             must remain vibrant. We                                and Leah Dawn Bueckert
AMBS is one place where             from various business back-          thank God for each of you                              (Master of Divinity 2006) have
people at various stages of         grounds and former school            who share in this gratify-                             edited Interfaith Spiritual Care:
life receive spiritual and          teachers or nurses.                  ing work w
Description: The call of God comes at every stage of our lives. The boy Samuel did not sleep another wink on the night the Lord "came and stood there, calling 'Samuel! Samuel!'" Moses at midlife was daunted to hear God say in the desert, "I will send you to Pharaoh." Life changed forever for international business woman Priscilla when God called her to be a teacher in the early church.
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