George R. Brunk to serve as interim president by ProQuest


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                                                                                 wanted to participate in Pastors Week in January because I had not
                                                                                 been to AMBS since I graduated. I wanted to see faculty, friends and
                                                                                 fellow pastors from across the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Diana Butler
                                                                              Bass’s presentations and several workshops drew my interests, too.
                                                                                   I participated in Alan Kreider’s workshop, “Witnessing during
                                                                              the worship service.” It was helpful to learn ways to practice Christian
                                                                              witness during the worship service..
                                                                                   Bock Ki Kim, Master of Divinity, 2002; pastor of Vision Mennonite
                                                                              Church, London, Ont.
Mary E. Klassen

                  George R. Brunk to serve                                             Your gifts
                  as interim president                                                 at work
                  G                                                                     B
                         eorge R. Brunk, III,         announcement and the
                                                      unique gifts George has will             ecause the generos-
                         will serve as interim
                                                      bring a sense of stability               ity of friends across
                         president for AMBS,
                                                      for the seminary commu-                  Canada and the U.S.
                  beginning July 19. He will
                                                      nity, donors and constitu-        is essential in our mission,
                  serve until a new president                                                                                                      1
                                                      ency through this time of         we will report here sev-
                  begins, a tenure of six to
                                                      transition while we also          eral ways in which gifts to
                  twelve months.
                                                      manage the effects of the         AMBS have been used in
                     Dr. Brunk has taught and
                  served as vice president and        economic downturn. We ask         recent months.
                  academic dean of Eastern            the church to pray for the        1 A January class in Guate-
                  Mennonite Seminary, Har-            seminary and its leadership         mala learned about peace
                  risonburg, Va., since 1974.         team during this time.”             and justice issues from a
                  He also has                                        
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