Digital Pathology at the Crossroads of Major Health Care Trends: Corporate Innovation as an Engine for Change by ProQuest


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									                      Digital Pathology at the Crossroads of
                            Major Health Care Trends
                             Corporate Innovation as an Engine for Change
                                                      Dirk Soenksen, MS, MBA

A    s the founder and chief executive officer of Aperio
      Technologies, Inc (Vista, California), I am pleased to
share with you our view of the rapidly emerging digital
                                                                     Fundamentally you need a way to organize digital slides
                                                                     and related images by case and by project and to be able
                                                                     to give access to various users in a secure way to share
pathology market.                                                    images through the Web and do all that in a way that
   Fundamentally, digital pathology is an information-               actually makes sense and is integrated into the workflow.
management play. It is an environment for managing and                  I think the opportunities in digital pathology for clinical
interpreting information. This is not patient information            algorithms and computer-aided diagnosis or diagnostics
but information that is enabled by being able to deal with           is really immense. Being able to do pattern recognition
an entire digital slide. The reason digital pathology is ex-         and doing quantitative immunohistochemistry and a va-
citing is that, for the first time, it is possible to digitize an     riety of other things is going to be part of digital pathol-
entire glass slide in such a way that the resolution of the          ogy and will add a lot of value.
digital slide displayed on the computer monitor is essen-               Finally, there is the element of advanced visualization.
tially equivalent to what you can see under the micro-               The ability to simultaneously view a hematoxylin-eosin
scope. That opens up a number of possibilities and op-               slide and an immunohistochemistry slide, whether it’s an
portunities for using digital pathology to address some of           estrogen receptor or a progesterone receptor digital slide,
the challenges that pathologists are having today.                   and to be able to move all of these digital slide images
   I want to take the definition of digital pathology a little        synchronously is a new way of looking at pathology in-
bit further and explain the way we think about it. Digital           formation. It precludes you having to take one slide, look
pathology comprises 4 key elements. First, there is slide            at it, find a cell, put the slide away, look at another micro-
scanning technology, which is basically required to be ‘‘in          scope slide, and look for the same cells on a different slide.
the game.’’ You need to have a scanner that can digitize             This can all be integrated to provide a much more pow-
the entire slide in a reasonable amount of time and you              erful environment for visualization.
want to have high enough resolution so that you are com-                The way we think about digital pathology is analogous
fortable that the information on the glass slide is repre-           to the 
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