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                                            By Rebecca Grooms Johnson, NCTM

T    he National Certification commis-
     sioners are pleased to present The
New Face of Certification. Based on
                                              When the Teacher Profile has been
                                           evaluated and passed, you are certified!
                                              Here is a brief overview of the
                                                                                        sonatina). The second 15-minute les-
                                                                                        son segment should feature continued
                                                                                        work on the Allegretto. The third 15-
the previous excellent work, this is the   projects:                                    minute segment should include the
next logical step in the evolution of         Project 1: Write your teaching            same student polishing and finishing
the certification process. One of the      philosophy.                                  the Allegretto. In addition:
outstanding features of this new face         Project 2: Analyze four teaching          A.Video record yourself playing 5 to
is its streamlined simplicity. The new     pieces. These pieces will be available          10 minutes of pieces that are listed
process has dramatically reduced the       to you after your registration and you          as a Level 7 or above in The Pianist’s
steps you must take to be certified,       will give:                                      Guide to Standard Teaching and
while offering excellent self-study for    A. The historical background of the era         Performance Literature by Jane
new and experienced teachers alike.           and composer of each piece, as well          Magrath (Alfred Publishing). These
   The new certification process is           as how the characteristics of that           pieces do not have to be memo-
simply:                                       era affect how each piece should be          rized.
• Fill out a brief application form and       stylistically interpreted.                B. You will need to submit some writ-
   send it in with the required fee        B. A theory analysis of various aspects         ten supporting materials:
• Complete and submit the five proj-          of each piece, including chords,              i. For each recorded lesson, list the
   ects in the new Teacher Profile            keys and so on. This will be a multi-             books and materials you used.
                                              ple choice test.                              ii. For each recorded lesson, write a
                                           C. An identification of an anticipated               self-evaluation of your teaching.
                                              rhythmic problem in one of the                iii.Discuss this student’s learning
 Grooms Johnson,
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