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                                       Tornquist Joins Alfred                         YouTube Symphony Orchestra To
                                          Alfred Publishing has named key-            Perform
                                       board arranger Carol Tornquist as key-           Later this month, a group of musi-
                                       board editor. She will focus on                cians chosen in an online symphony
                                       expanding Alfred’s keyboard catalog, as        orchestra contest will play at Carnegie
                                       well as adding her piano arranging style       Hall in what’s being hailed as the “the
                                       and expertise to Alfred’s pop library.         world’s first collaborative online
                                          Tornquist received a bachelor’s             orchestra and summit.”
                                       degree in music education from the               The project, called the YouTube
                                       State University of New York at                Symphony Orchestra, was launched by
                                       Fredonia. After teaching vocal music           YouTube and its parent company
                                       in New York, she moved to Nashville,           Google. It featured an online audition
                                       Tennessee, where she arranged and              webpage that allowed musicians of any
                                       compiled piano collections for many            caliber from countries around the
                                       leading Christian music publishers.            world the ability to upload an audition
                                          A versatile musician, Tornquist has co-     video for a panel of professional
                                       written several children’s musicals and        judges. The panel then selected a
                                       created music books and recordings for         group of musicians to take part in an
                                       Guideposts magazine. Recently, she served      April 15 concert and an accompanying
                                       as a music consultant and arranger for         musical summit. Renowned Chinese
                                       Ronnie Milsap’s first gospel recording.        composer Tan Dun has specifically
                                          For more information, visit                 written a piece—Internet Symphony
                                                             No. 1—for the occasion.
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                                       Kindermusik Partners With            
                                       Jackrabbit Technologies
                                          Jackrabbit Technologies, a class-man-       WAMSO Young Artist
                                       agement solution provider, has part-           Competition Winners Announced
                                       nered with Kindermusik, a provider of             The winners of the 53rd WAMSO
                                       music and movement classes
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