Google and the enterprise: Spring 2009 campaign by ProQuest


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									By Steve Arnold

Google and the enterprise:
Spring 2009 campaign
     ulius Caesar liked to go to battle in   and Safari ( Google     in the enterprise, and Google appears     updates the user’s archive on Mother

J    the spring. Google (
     seems to be following in Caesar’s
footprints. Google is not battling the
                                             disclosed in its open source technical
                                             information that the company has
                                             invented a system that works like a
                                                                                       to be content to allow the Google
                                                                                       power users to probe Microsoft’s
                                                                                       underbelly for weakness.
                                                                                                                                 Google’s servers.
                                                                                                                                    Google may not have created an
                                                                                                                                 Outlook killer, but the company’s
Belgae or the wily Vercingetorix.            browser but performs additional func-                                               Gmail application is now sufficiently
Google is harassing the big dog,             tions. For example, a container in        Gmail                                     flexible to warrant consideration. A
Microsoft (                   Chrome can display content from a             Gmail received a Beverly Hills’       startup company or a field office
    In the first quarter of 2009, Google     specific source or provide a means of     style facelift. The dowdy face of         might find the Google Gmail system
deployed new and upgraded weaponry.          accessing a Google application such       Gmail has been given a multipaned         an economical, useful way of deal-
Most of the Google watchers have             as GMail.                                 look. Other changes include making        ing with an organization’s informa-
focused on the intricacies of individual        Until early this year, Chrome          it easy to move e-mail from one           tion DNA.
digital gizmos. When I look at the col-      lacked an easy way for a developer to     “tag,” the term Google prefers to
lection of armaments, I find it easier to    extend, modify or amplify its func-       “folders.” At first glance, Gmail with    Google apps
discern the outlines of Google’s 2009        tionality. Google introduced what it      its calendar and revised look is             Microsoft Office is to the knowl-
strategy.                                    calls extension technology; the idea is   becoming more and more like               edge worker as Google Web search
    Google, true to form, provides           that new features can be added.           Microsoft Outlook. Google has             is to most Internet users. Google
few strategic hints about its inten-         Google published “Chromium Devel-         added a task function so those who        Apps are “good enough.” Google
tions. The company’s triumvirate—            oper Documentation” at http://dev.        have need of a built-in list of “to do”   provides basic word processing,
Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry            items can work within the Gmail           spreadsheet and presentation func-
Page—remain circumspect and                  -documents/extensions, which makes        environment, as some financial ana-       tions at a reasonable price point. In
vague about the enterprise objective.        clear that individuals or commercial      lysts work within Microsoft Excel.        February 2009, Google took steps to
With the economy faltering, Google           software development companies can            But the mortar with the depleted      force organizations to pay. Last year,
may be looking for other sources of          build small applications that run         uranium payload was allowing a user       Google Apps were free for up to 200
revenue just in case the company’s           within Chrome. The company offers         to access Gmail messages when not         users in an organization. The limit
advertising gold mine floods with            some ideas to tech-savvy users to         connected to the Internet. A Chrome       was changed to 50 users of Google
red ink or the roof caves in.                jump-start their extension writing. For   user has that local mail function by      Apps without a fee.
    Let’s take a look at some of the         example, it suggests that bookmark-       default. A user of another browser           In the first quarter of 2009,
developments that seem to be tacti-          ing tools might be useful. Privacy        has to download a Google Gears’           Google expanded its reseller pro-
cally significant for the enterprise         controls are another possibility. Fire-   code component to get the function-       gram. The idea is a simple one.
market and that suggest the                  fox has a number of extensions such       ality. The method does not download       An integrator or small software
weaponry in Google’s magazine.               as the translation widget that I use.     a user’s full e-mail archive. The limit   company can resell Google Apps.
                                             Google wants to emulate Firefox.          is two gigabytes of messages. With        In fact, anyone can navigate to
Chrome                                          An enterprise, for example, could      that work-anywhere, work-anytime
   Chrome is described in the trade          deve
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