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									     IMAlife                                    My Convoluted
                                                Career Path
                                                By Doreen Remmen, CMA

                                                H      ow I envy young people who know
                                                       exactly what they want to do with
                                                their lives! Those who enter the accounting
                                                                                                 done very differently.
                                                                                                    Armed with my CMA certificate, I found
                                                                                                 the job that was meant for me at a privately
                                                profession are especially fortunate because      owned distribution company in the midst of
                                                there is a well-defined traditional path. I      a business turnaround. I turned to IMA for
                                                followed a very different path, and I contin-    literature on best practices that helped me
                                                ue to explore.                                   streamline the finance department. When I
                                                   After working for several years and           was asked to implement ethics training,
                                                obtaining a liberal arts degree, I finally       IMA provided resources. Challenged to
     Doreen Remmen, CMA,
                                                decided to study accounting while moving         improve profitability by customer, I went to
     is CFO of the Institute
                                                all over the U.S. and Canada as half of a        an IMA seminar on activity-based costing.
     of Management
                                                two-career marriage. A decade later, with a      Needing to understand problems with the
     Accountants (IMA®).
                                                well-rounded accounting education from           flow of materials, I emerged from IMA
     You can reach her at
                                                five different universities, public accounting   headquarters in Montvale with an armload
                                                experience, and several years of controller-     of books on the theory of constraints.
                                                ship, I found myself searching for a new            I designed and implemented a company-
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