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Student Choice of College: How Far Do Students Go For An Education? by ProQuest


The topic of distance from home is often discussed when students begin narrowing down colleges they want to apply to; however, there is a scarcity of research actually examining student behavior. The purpose of this study is to address this research gap using data based on a national sample of nearly one million students. Distance was computed in miles based on the zip code of the student's home and the zip code of his/her college. The median distance students go away for college is 94 miles (25th percentile = 23 miles and 75th percentile = 230 miles). We also examined average distance from home by state, SAT score, high school GPA, parental income, parental education, ethnicity, and gender. Results reveal that the average distance students go for college does vary as a function of these variables. Implications are discussed. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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