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 records in
     Electronic field
     training management
     gives police agencies
     a clear view of
     recruits’ potential

 By Bob Galvin

 N         o department
           can afford to be without
 some kind of field training pro-
 gram. And while a majority of
 departments use a type of these             referred to as the “San             Department in Nevada and was
 programs, not all of them agree             Jose Model,” after the first FTO    meant to be a replacement for
 on which training — the Field               training program at San Jose        the FTO program, but today
 Training Officer (FTO) model                (California) Police Department in   operates as an alternative train-
 or Police Training Officer (PTO)            the 1970s.                          ing program. Regardless of
 model — is the best fit.                       Using PTO models, recruits       which field training is selected,
    The FTO model aims at help-              learn skills in community-based     one thing all agencies can agree
 ing post-academy recruits transi-           policing and problem solving.       on is the need to automate how
 tion to single-officer assignments          This model, the “Reno Model,”       training records are documented,
 in a patrol division. It is often           originated at the Reno Police       tracked and updated.

46    Law Enforcement Technology   ■   March 2009   ■
Training types
   Typically, the training officers
receive from the academy is too
minimal to prepare them for
real-life work in the field, which
is why many agencies immediately
enroll new recruits in FTO or
                                           Software programs electronically track and display lists of common daily activities
PTO programs. These programs                                          and objectives that are part of a recruit’s FTO program.
are often intense and rigidly
structured, rendering manual               Self-evaluation                          A holistic approach
documentation of complet-                      According to PTO Officer Ben            According to Richmond
ed tasks almost impossible.                Harvey, one of the intents of the        (California) Police Sgt. Roger
Fortunately, several software              problem-based PTO software               Buhlis, it’s important that PTO
packages are now available                 is to allow for self-evaluation          recruits understand their role in
to electronically manage                   and reflection among trainees.           the community in a more holis-
these aspects.                             “Crown Pointe’s software causes          tic mode. Buhlis helped form t
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