From prison bars to bars of music by ProQuest


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									34   Canadian Mennonite March 30, 2009

    While travelling to perform is an on-
 going part of Moyer Suderman’s work—the
 mission statement of SmallTall Music, his
                                                 From prison bars
 music ministry, is “building up the body
 of Christ by creating and sharing songs of
 faith for small and tall”)—he also struggles
                                                 to bars of music
 with how to carry out this vocation in a        Participants in MCC Manitoba prisoner visitation
 way that is sustainable economically and
                                                 program launch CD of original music
 ecologically, as well as sustainable in terms
 of healthy relationships with his family
                                                 By Gl adys Terichow                                             Photo BY ALLison rALPh
 and local community of Stouffville, Ont.,
                                                 Mennonite Central Committee release
 and his home congregation, Community
 Mennonite Church.
    As a result, Moyer Suderman is working
 to keep his long-distance travel schedule
 confined to a limited number of weeks per
                                                 F    ive musicians who have been incarcer-
                                                      ated in Manitoba correctional insti-
                                                 tutions, or who are still behind bars, have
 year, and then to “make hay while the sun       released a CD of original compositions
 shines,” and perform as much as possible        that includes songs of hope and inspira-               Jim Motherall, left, who has
 while he is on the road. A Via Rail pass        tion, piano pieces and folk music.                     spent 32 of his 58 years in pris-
 provided him with a way that reduces the           Beyond the Din gives a voice to people              on, is accompanied by Laurie
 carbon emissions that would result from         whose voices are seldom heard, says                    Lyss and Janet Newediuk
 more “one-off” flights to long-distance en-     Murray Barkman, coordinator of Open                    during a CD launch party
 gagements. “Besides,” Moyer Suderman            Circle, a Mennonite Central Committee                  for Beyond the Din hosted
 says, “I love to travel by train!” Λ            Manitoba program that supports prison-                 by Open Circle, a prisoner
                                                 ers and ex-prisoners through prison visita-            support program operated by
                        Photo CoUrtesY oF        tions and community integration.                       MCC Manitoba.
                    BrYAn MoYer sUDerMAn
                                                    “There is so much rhetoric out there
                                                 about getting tough on crime,” says               begin with reflections of shattered hopes,
                                                 Barkman. “We can’t just talk about crime          of “reaching for love, finding pain,” and end
                                                 like it is a disease that can be stamped out.     with the assurance that “Jesus loves me,
                                                 We are talking about real people who are          
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