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									Part III. Administrative, Procedural, and Miscellaneous
2009 Calendar Year Resident                  by the U.S. Census Bureau before the           endar year are the estimates of the resi-
Population Estimates                         beginning of such calendar year. Section       dent population of the 50 states, the Dis-
                                             142(k)(5) provides that the Volume Limit       trict of Columbia, and Puerto Rico released
Notice 2009–21                               is based on the State population.              electronically by the U.S. Census Bureau
                                                 The population-based component of          on December 22, 2008, in Press Release
   This notice informs (1) State and lo-     the Credit Ceiling and the Volume Cap          CB08–187. The proper population figures
cal housing credit agencies that allocate    are adjusted for inflation pursuant to         for calculating the Credit Ceiling, the Vol-
low-income housing tax credits under         §§ 42(h)(3)(H) and 146(d)(2), respec-          ume Cap, and the Volume Limit for the
§ 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and        tively. The adjustments for the 2009           2009 calendar year for Guam, Northern
(2) States and other issuers of tax-exempt   calendar year were published in Rev. Proc.     Mariana Islands, and U.S. Virgin Islands,
private activity bonds under § 141, of       2008–66, 2008–45 I.R.B. 1107. Section          are the figures released electronically by
the proper population figures to be used     3.07 of Rev. Proc. 2008–66 provides            the U.S. Census Bureau on July 17, 2003,
for calculating the 2009 calendar year       that, for calendar year 2009, the amounts      and referenced in Census Bureau Tip Sheet
population-based component of the State      used under § 42(h)(3)(C)(ii) to calculate      TP03–16, dated August 8, 2003. The fig-
housing credit ceiling (Credit Ceiling)      the Credit Ceiling is the greater of $2.30     ures for these three areas are in the U.S.
under § 42(h)(3)(C)(ii), the 2009 calen-     multiplied by the State population (see        Census Bureau’s International D
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