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A Pipeline to the Tenure Track by ProQuest


That immediately gets us wondering about the overall market, opportunities for professionals of color and whether they are any different from the rest. [...] these (opportunities) are in the life sciences so that's where the glut of postdocs happens to be.\n Using Postdoctoral Programs to Attract Minority Faculty UNCs Anderson-Thompkins says organizations such as the NPA as well as individual universities and public university systems have grown increasingly interested in how they can strategically develop postdoctoral programs to improve opportunities for underrepresented minorities to gain tenure-track faculty jobs. Since 1983, UNC has maintained a minority postdoctoral program that has helped attract underrepresented minorities to do research and teach at the flagship school. Since starting the fellowship in fall 2007, Balance has accepted an assistant professor position in Asian American studies at the University of California, Irvine, that falls under the hiring incentive program offered through the UC postdoctoral fellowship program.

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