Software maximizes plywood cutting efficiency by ProQuest


Ralph's Frame Works provides high-end wood frames to some of the industry's top residential furniture brands including Baker, Henredon, Michael Thomas, and Stickley; as well as institutional leaders AC Furniture, OFS Brands (Carolina), and Southfield Furniture. This manufacturing flexibility helps the company better meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Patrician Furniture, the company's oldest customer, produces furniture for businesses, universities, hotels, hospitals and government facilities. Succeeding in these diverse market segments has required Ralph's management and production teams to learn, develop, and manage a wide range of capabilities and business processes. Ralph's customers embraced just-in-time assembly to minimize inventories, the order size has decreased dramatically. Of special significance to Ralph's the elimination of router programming has freed up considerable time that is now being used to do AutoCAD part design and development of more new products. For Ralph's, this is a strategic time savings because engineering and product development have become essential to gaining new business.

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