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					                                                                            On the Run                 with Steve Kelly
                                                                    driver of the Super Tune Pro E.T. ’67 Camaro

                                                                    M        y dream came true at the conclusion of the
                                                                             Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA
                                                                      Finals in Pomona when I won the NHRA Summit

                         APRIL 16-19
                                                                      Racing Series National Championship in Pro. It seems
                                                                      like I’ve been on a never-ending cloud nine all winter
                                                                      following the win with celebrations and other
                                                                      accolades and the realization that I have met the true
                                                                      love of my life, my girlfriend, Jody Thompson.
                                                                          Jody and other friends organized a celebration so
                                                                      those who were unable to attend Pomona could share
                                        in some of the joy and excitement. They put together a video with photos of our
                                        experience at the Finals. We had a great group turn out, and the celebration
                                        continued well into the evening with a live band and plenty of spirits to get
                                        people shaking their moneymakers on the dance floor.
                                           Next up was the third annual Plourd Family celebration the night before the
                                        Division 6 Awards Banquet. The Plourd party has become legendary, and this

                           MAY 1-3
                                        year only added to the lore. It was a celebration of Brad Plourd’s Division 6
                                        Super Stock championship, and they generously included Mark Faul’s Division 7
                                        Stock championship and my Pro championship as part of the reason for the
                                        festivities. Yes, of course, there are stories that come out of these parties, but
                         618.482.2400   you’ll have to ask us about that at the track!

                                                  “This was the first division
                                                championship that I’ve had the
                                               fortune of celebrating; I can only
                                                 hope to experience it again.”
                          MAY 15-17        The first Division 6 banquet I attended was in 1985 when my dad, Bob, won
                                        his second Division 6 Heavy Bracket championship. I still remember exactly how
                                        great that felt for me and the rest of our family to be part of Dad’s amazing
                         423.989.6900   accomplishment. I’ve been to a few more banquets with friends who have enjoyed
                                        success in the great Northwest, but this was the first division championship that
                                        I’ve had the fortune of celebrating, and I can only hope we can experience it
                                        again. I was named the Mel Bresaw Memorial E.T. Driver of the Year, which was
                                        a true honor for two reasons: It is nice that the other racers in my division
                                        believe I
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Description: From there, it was on to Super Tune, where longtime friend David Chun Jr. and I installed new valve springs, head gaskets, and other minor maintenance items. A fresh transmission by Gary Ericksen and freshened torque converter by Hughes Performance finished the car, and minor changes to trailer organization and other operational changes completed the effort.
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